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Stir Wands (The Quantum Age Water StirWand)

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Balance and Enhance Your Water!

The Quantum Age Water StirWand™ ($89.95)*

The Ultimate Device to Enhance Any Water

  • New Study Showed a 32.4% Increase in Body Hydration*
  • Increase in Blood Oxygen Levels by 12.8%*
  • Average Reduction of Cellular Toxins by 19.4%*
  • The StirWand is the size of a pen and will lasts a lifetime since it never wears out*
  • Can be used for great tasting, energized and super-hydrating water for the entire family*
  • Great for all your pets and livestock*
  • Used for farm and agricultural applications*
  • Easy to use. Just stir for 10-15 seconds and drink!*

Stir Wands Quantum Age Water for Personal Hydration

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Important Health Note Regarding Water*

94% of all individuals tested since 2001 are Dehydrated (even in people who think they consume the correct quantity of daily water), according to Fenestra Labs who has tested over 35,000 subjects in their water and hydration studies.

Most people are aware that an adult should drink around eight glasses of 8 ounces water per day. What most people do not know is that thetype of water they drink each day can be more important than how much they drink. So if someone drinks eight glasses of high quality water per day, thenthat person has 8 opportunities everyday to improve or maintain their their healthOn the flip side, if a person drinks unhealthy water, they could be worsening their health 8 times per day.

Unfortunately, not all forms and sources of water are equal and some forms of water may not have the same hydration and oxygenation potential for the human body as others. Many water sources around the world are well known to be healthy such as Fijian or Hawaiian Springs or Icelandic glaciers. This is often due to their great taste, natural mineral content and overall quality. But most water drunk around the world is not considered optimal water.

For example, while acidic water such as Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Water is very pure, it is actually void of healthy essential and trace minerals and as a result may not be as easily absorbed by the body compared to a natural mineralized water. Other common sources of drinking water comes from filtered tap water sources and may also be deficient in healthy minerals while containing potentially harmful substances such as Bacteria, Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Ammonia, Pharmaceuticals, PBA and Heavy Metals.

Water's purpose in our bodies is to hydrate us.

Simply put, if a person can not easily absorb their drinking water, then it probably isn't the optimal choice for their body's cellular needs.

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StirWands? What are they and How do they work?*

Stir Wands Making the Water You Drink Count

The developers of the StirWand set out to create a universal device that could be used be anyone, in any water to improve the hydration and oxygenation potential of that water. And, they wanted this device to be stable and long lasting in order to be effective for years to come. While there are 8 types of StirWandsavailable (see at bottom), all of them contain the same base minerals that were found through research to increase hydration and oxygenation.*

Critical Factors Found in High Quality Water*

In the StirWand development process, many critical factors of "Quality Water" were considered such as its pH, surface tension, molecular structure, particle size, cluster size, resistivity, conductivity, specific gravity, and specific charge (electrical potential).*

How do StirWands Work?*

All StirWands are designed to support the body's ability to fully activate the body's aquaporin and ion channels.*

These ion channels are the path that water flows through in order to hydrate the body's cells.*

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Stirwands Quantum Age Water - Water Meets Its Perfect Match

The 6 Types of StirWands Available ($89.95 Retail Each)*

Stir Wand Basic 24/7 Blue Violet

Basic or 24/7 (Blue Violet) Everyday use and stress-relief. This is the wand used in the clinical trials. Powerful, yet designed for use day or night. If you are getting just one Stirwand™, this is most popular one used everyday (night or day).

Stir Wand Zen Master Purple

Zen Master (Purple) Calming, relaxation, meditation, hence recommended for evening use.

Stir Wand Olympian Turquoise

Olympian (Turquoise) For optimizing athletic performance. (day time use)

Stir Wand Illuminator Yellow

Illuminator (Yellow) For stimulating mental clarity, focus and inspiration. Many make this their first glass of water in the morning.

Stir Wand Guardian Orange

Guardian (Orange) For grounding, stabilizing and strengthening.

Stir Wand Warm Heart Rose

Warm Heart (Rose) For opening the heart chakra.

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What are Aquaporins or Ion Channels?*

In the mid 1980s, Peter Agre, M.D, Professor of Biological Chemistry at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and his colleagues discovered copious amounts of a much smaller and previously unknown proteins in human cells. Within a year, this protein was proven to be the cellular regulator of water transport and they named these tiny protein channels "Aquaporins".*

They discovered that only single water molecules can pass through aquaporins. The rate of flow was calculated in the hundreds of millions of water molecules per second, per channel.*

With hundreds if not thousands of channels per cell, this equates to hundreds of billions of water molecules per second, per cell.*

These numbers provide a vivid perspective of the size of a water molecule and the amazing complexity of our cells.*

During the same period, Roderick MacKinnon, M.D., biophysicist, x-ray crystallographer, and professor at Rockefeller University, was also working with human cells.*

He documented how a class of proteins helps to generate nerve impulses the electrical activity that underlines all movement, sensation and perhaps even thought.*

These proteins, called "Ion Channels", are tiny pores that stud the surface of all of our cells. These channels allow the passage of potassium, calcium, sodium and chloride molecules called ions.*

Rapid-fire opening and closing of these channels releases ions, moving electrical impulses, in a wave, from the brain to their destination in the body, proving that water molecules and mineral ions have separate pathways into the cells.*

Cellular Ion Channels Diagram

In 2003, Dr. Agre and Dr. MacKinnon were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their respective contributions.*

Fifteen years after their discoveries, an enormous body of work by hundreds of medical researchers in universities around the world has not only validated these findings but has shown that virtually all life on this planet operates on the same principals of hydration, oxygenation and detoxification of their respective cells, i.e. water molecules must pass single-file through aquaporin channels, and water molecules and mineral ions have separate pathways into the cells.*


Discovery Detailing How Single Water Molecules to Pass Through Aquaporin Channels*

In the late 1990's, Melonie Montgomery, PhD, of Fenestra Research in Las Vegas , NV , discovered the exact and correct chemical balance of water that allows single water molecules to pass through aquaporin channels. To date, this is the most profound breakthrough in practical water science since it provides the means to test water, or any other beverage, to see immediately if it will hydrate, oxygenate and detoxify or not.*

Fenestra's development of a cellular analyzer is what made this revolutionary work possible. It takes the guesswork out of the wellness information being widely quoted in the health care field. It also opened the window into testing, mathematically, the fluid level differences between urine, (what your body is releasing) and your salvia, (what your body is holding on to).*

Glass BeakerIn the past 7 years, over 35,000 human subjects have gone through hydration testing at Fenestra Research. This testing clearly shows that the current state of the average human is not up to the challenge of processing and absorbing enough water, even if the correct amount of water is consumed daily. 94% of the 35,000 people tested were found to be significantly dehydrated.*

The need for a dependable and economical source of vast amounts of energetically balanced and stabilized water is desperately needed for the survival and potential optimal well-being of life on this planet.*

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StirWand Creation and the Solution*

Armed with the above proven science and the breakthroughs from Stir Wands Making the Water You Drink CountFenestra Research, Quantum Age Water, INC found the answer to restoring the natural balance, stability and energy of water in nature, using various blends of rock minerals. Once brought into what is best described as the "high matrix", these minerals balance water chemistry to a near perfect match.

In a nutshell, the developers created a quantum event by enclosing high matrix minerals inside surgical grade polymers to create the Stirwand™. This invention solves the hydration dilemma that is created by drinking unbalanced water.*

Chemically balanced "Single Water" molecules are able to pass through the body's aquaporin channels, resulting in increased hydration, oxygenation and cellular detoxification.

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In addition to these benefits, the water is also stabilized with natural energy for a minimum of 48 hours in an open container, 3 months if the container is sealed.

For the past several years Quantum Age Water, Inc has been conducting human clinical trials for hydration, oxygenation and detoxification, as well as testing different types of water.*

The findings are crystal clear?. what's significant in hydration is the chemical balance of water before you drink it, not where the water comes from. Provided your have clean potable water and the correct water chemistry, you are on your way to an average increase in hydration of 28.5%.

The specific Mineral Blend contained in each StirWand can balance water chemistry to a near perfect match based on "Fenestra Research's 8 Water Parameters" for human hydration.

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What are the Eight Water Chemistry Parameters When Choosing Your Water?*

  • Parameters 1 & 2 are tests for energy
  • Parameters 3, 4, 5 & 6 are test for balancing resistivity, conductivity, surface tension and specific gravity
  • Parameter 7 is pH
  • Parameter 8 is stability

Parameters one and two are tests for energy, recording the milliwatts (beneficial energy) and millivolts. The Stirwand's™ high matrix minerals brought the 90 day test water from 90 milliwatts up to 11,408, while reducing the millivolts from 238 to 136, all within 20 seconds.

Parameters three, four, five, and six are: balancing resistivity, conductivity, surface tension and specific gravity.*

Based on the mineral composition, and whatever else may be present in the water, these numbers will vary but not dramatically in common potable waters. It would take excessive minerals or a large amount of contaminates to impact the effectiveness of the Stirwand™ technology. This was verified by the testing of different waters.*

Of these four parameters, surface tension is the most misunderstood.*

It is widely believed that very low surface tension is beneficial, but if you review how a cell receives water molecules, you can see that if surface tension is too low, the cell would collapse and would not allow the water molecules to enter. Stirwand's technology stabilized the surface tension on the purified water at 67, maintaining firm cell integrity.*

Specific gravity is somewhat of a "dark horse" as it's rarely spoken of in the water world.*

Simply put, if your water does not have a very low specific gravity, you will not hydrate.

One of the most difficult tasks of our own internal chemistry is to attempt to lower the specific gravity of water. It needs help to do this.

Perfect specific gravity is 1.0, with the threshold being 1.009.*

Stirwands™ bring any clean potable water down to 1.002,and even brought horribly contaminated tap water down from 1.023 to 1.003.

The specific gravity of most spring or purified water ranges from 1.011 to 1.015, well above the threshold.

Parameter number seven is pH, which must remain stable or everything else falls apart. As shown in testing, a slight adjustment from a neutral pH, up or down, will have a negligible affect on hydration. The Stirwand™ will stabilize the pH of any potable water, but will not alter it.

The final parameter is extremely critical stability. The high matrix minerals in the Stirwand™ work in virtually any clean, potable water, with the water remaining stable in an opened container for at least 48 hours, and 95% stable in a sealed container for a minimum of 3 months.

The driving force behind all of the clinical study results, including the cellular toxin release statistics, is simply natural energy.*

It's important to summarize the eight parameters of water chemistry that must be addressed to allow water to do its intended job of hydrating.*

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Researched Clinical Studies Information from Quantum Age Water, Inc.*

Information Regarding the Exact Type of Stirwand™ Used in the Testing*

All of the testing was done using the Stirwand™ called the "Basic" or "24/7".*

Small Stir WandTherefore, this is the only one for which any above mentioned percentage increase claims can be made. There are 8 different Stirwands™. If Fenestra Labs ran the same in vitro water analysis on the others (using the above 8 parameters), the results would be the same, except for the amount of energy put out by each Stirwand™. Each Stirwand™ is different simply due to the blend of minerals used to produce the individual energetic properties of each.*

First Clinical Study*

We first tested five people for two weeks, two on tap water (5.5 pH) and three on purified water (5.8 pH). One of the subjects on purified water had his blood drawn and tested for oxygen content, at baseline, and at the end of two weeks. All subjects were tested before and after with hospital quality pulse oximeters (accurate to .50 of one percent).*

The tests showed an average increase from baseline hydration for those drinking stirred tap water of 18.5%, and 20.1% for those drinking stirred purified water. The oxygen increase averaged 9.7% with oximeters. The one blood draw showed a substantial increase of 12%, with similar increases documented in later testing as well.*

Second Clinical Study*

With the confidence provided by this initial testing, we knew the ability to make a legal claim for hydration and oxygenation was within our reach and critical to our mission. To accomplish this, we began the second study using 50 people over a period of 30 days, all drinking purified water (7.0 pH). These results showed a 23.5% increase over baseline hydration and a 9.8% increase in blood oxygen. Blood draws were tested on 12 people and all fifty subjects showed a 9.4% blood oxygen increase with oximeters.*

The statistics were improving and continued to improve as we looked ahead to showcasing this technology at national medical and wellness shows. These improvements resulted from focused research and expanded capability to improve the high matrix minerals, most noticeably, the advances in the milliwatt output. Milliwatts in the first study measured 2100, advanced to 3450 in the second study, and ended at 11,408 in the third study.*

Upon completion of this second study, we went to our first convention and showed the Stirwands™ and our studies to the medical community. Many remarked that the Stirwand™ was the most astonishing discovery in medical science they had ever seen.*

Modern medicine has no way of raising and sustaining hydration and oxygen naturally in a human.*

They were astounded at how fast the blood oxygen levels increased, and how this would obviously saturate all the cells in the body with oxygen. While the show was successful, and the Stirwands™ were a hit, the doctors gave us an itemized list for additional testing they wanted us to do.*

Third Clinical Study*

In September 2007 we began a 3 month study with a control/placebo group of 50 subjects drinking non-stirred purified water (at 7.0 pH) and 50 subjects drinking stirred purified water. The placebo group showed a 6% average increase in hydration over their baseline (logical that some were drinking more water than their normal amount) and the stirred group recording a 28.5% increase over their baseline, thus giving the group drinking stirred water a 22.5% margin over the placebo group.*

*The blood work on 12 arterial blood draws was significant. The 12 subjects began with an average blood oxygen level of 88% (1.4% lower than in previous testing) and in just two weeks, jumped to over an average of over 98%, an average increase of 10.25%. The oximeter readings averaged 10.33%*

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One of the requests of the doctors was that we provide them with blood microscopy on the 12 arterial blood draws in order to actually see what happens to blood when it's saturated with this much hydration and oxygen.*

You can see some pictures below of before (left) and after (right).*

Lifeless blood was restored to healthy hydration and oxygen levels, with subjects moving from 88% average blood oxygen levels to 95% in just 7 days.*

Blood cells were no longer stacked up and starving for oxygen. They were released, fully oxygenated and moving freely.*

Test Subject One

Test Subject Two

Blood Cells Before and After Subject Consumed Water Treated with the Stir Wand - Photo 1

Blood Cells Before and After Subject Consumed Water Treated with the Stir Wand - Photo 2

All of this resulted from simply consuming an average of only three quarts of "StirWanded" water per day for one week.*

At this point we were convinced that drinking Stirwand™ water is every bit as vital as breathing oxygen through our lungs, maybe even more so.*

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Beyond Hydration and Oxygenation: Detoxification*

As significant as the hydration and oxygenation results were, the ultimate test was to see if the 90 day testing would be long enough and if the Stirwand™ technology effective enough to register a measurable release in cellular toxins. Indeed, they were.*

Releasing toxins is solely dependent on the body's ability to hydrate. We observed for the first time a significant reduction in cellular toxins, documenting an 18.2% reduction in 90 days in those drinking stirred water. The placebo group, drinking the same amount of non-stirred water, showed no change in cellular toxin levels in that same 90 day period.*

It's important to note that testing for toxin reduction was done at 30 and 60 days, with a slight drop in toxins in those drinking stirred water and no measurable toxin decline in the control group.*

Compare this to the increase in oxygen which reached each individual's maximum level within just 14 days , and the increase in hydration which reached nearly 100% of each individual's maximum in just 30 days.*

It seems that our bodies are so toxic that it takes even a therapeutic solution like the Stirwand™ a couple of months to flush out the resident toxins before we approach the measurable arena, even though the detoxification benefits begin on day one.*

Fenestra Research, even in tests conducted for 180 days, reports that they have never seen anything remotely close to the numbers the Stirwands™ achieved for toxin release in 90 days.*

Toxins are tough, but the Stirwand™ technology is more than up to the challenge with an 18.2% reduction in cellular toxin levels.*

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Summary - The Implications*

Clearly, beginning with the Industrial Revolution, we shot ourselves in the foot, several times.*

First, we destroyed our natural water, air and food supplies with chemicals, dramatically reduced our intake of water in favor of sodas and other artificial beverages and further compounded the problem with additional diuretics to lose weight.*

When you diminish water intake (the only means a human has to clean out the toxins), then flush out the little remaining water with diuretics, you have the perfect recipe for creating serious health risks.*

Take a look around as hundreds of new, serious medical problems that didn't exist 60 years ago are now on the rise.*

There is no known substitute for an adequate daily intake of water.*

Untold volumes have been written on this subject. Every lecture ever given and every book ever written on health boils down to three essentials: hydration, oxygenation and detoxification of human cells.*

It's wake-up call time.

To have even a chance of achieving a healthy life, every one of us needs to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water every day, water that is properly balanced and energized to make up for the damage we've done to this most precious resource.*

Stirwand™ technology delivers sustainable therapeutic levels of hydration and oxygen to your cells and allows your body to release the toxins as well.*

This knowledge of how much oxygen our cells receive from drinking balanced water is of the utmost importance to our health.*

Medical professionals have clearly stated for years that approximately 75% of all disease begins at some point in your life due to dehydration and lack of oxygen in the cells.*

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The choices we've made regarding how we live, what we eat, what we drink, how and if we exercise and the effect our lifestyle has had on the environment have put our very lives at great risk.*

Our research and testing with Fenestra Research validates that we have delivered a profound solution for everyone on the planet.*

It's as simple as replacing artificial fluid consumption and diuretics with hydrating, oxygenating and detoxifying balanced water.*

Oxygen may not be everything in health but it is certainly among the top two. It's been said that more than 60% of our physical weight is oxygen. This makes sense, as every cell in our body is made up of oxygen and its atom size is 8 times bigger and 16 times heavier than a hydrogen atom. It is impossible for us to have any mental thought or physical function without it.*

We have deprived our bodies of copious amounts of oxygen that would be provided with balanced water. Our bodies alone simply cannot chemically balance enough water to the job.*

For further documentation of the importance of oxygen, I recommend reading Otto Warburg's 1931 Nobel Prize winning work in chemistry, when he proved that a healthy (aerobic) slightly alkaline cell turns cancerous (anaerobic) and goes just slightly acidic when you take away the oxygen.*

Look at the overall state of our immune systems and how they are being affected by the lack of resources to adequately defend us from disease. The immune system's primary resource to survive and thrive is oxygen.*

We have made the case here that drinking balanced water is every bit as vital to human health as breathing oxygen through our lungs. It's obvious that our Creator intended for both means of oxygen intake to work synergistically for optimum mental and physical health.*

Balanced water may very well be the best preventive medicine there is, as it saturates all of our cells with oxygen.*

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Other Applications*


As many scientists clearly pointed out in the process of validating Dr. Agre's and Dr. MacKinnon's findings, virtually all life on the planet hydrates and oxygenates the same way, through the aquaporin pathways. In one of his papers, Dr. Agre wrote about his discovery of aquaporins and the implications for agriculture.*

As an agricultural soils consultant in the1970's, it's quite natural for me to see that in foliar feeding (mixing fertilizer solution and spraying it on the leaves), the absorption can be enhanced enormously using our Gardener Stirwand™ which is designed for plants and fish tanks or ponds. To make the fertilizer solution work, a surfactant is currently used to break up the water molecules in order for them to penetrate the leaves.*

By simply using this technology, we can eliminate the use of chemical surfactants.*

In my estimation farmers will be able to cut back on the amount of fertilizer used simply because of the ability of the balanced water to penetrate the leaves.*

Additionally, ground watering with this technology will dissolve more nutrients into solution for the plant roots to absorb.*

This equates to a savings in the cubic feet of water used and to a reduction in the use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer, while simultaneously rebuilding the natural biology of the soil.*

I have not seen any indication, under organic conditions, that stirred water will do any more than balance the natural event going on in the soil, i.e., it will improve the aerobic presence in the soil, resulting in the plant being healthier and more disease and bug resistant and better able to achieve it's natural size and bud count, but will not increase size or bud count. If nourished with this technology while growing, fruit and vegetable yields will also have a longer shelf life.*


The Stirwand™ technology will pleasantly shock the aquaculture world.*

One of the key issues is the availability of oxygen for the fish. The oxygen is there, but the fish are fighting for space to get to it. It's important to emphasize that you cannot add oxygen to water.*

If you add an oxygen atom to a water molecule it becomes hydrogen peroxide. If you add another, it becomes ozone. Whatever amount of water you have, you have a finite amount of potential oxygen. What the stirred water will do is make all of the oxygen available to the fish as a result of the chemical balance being restored.*

The Stirwand™ will create the same balance in a fish tank (salt or fresh) or in a commercial fishery that it creates in humans or plants.*

Weather conditions control where the available oxygen is in the water, so the fish are always competing for oxygen and space, literally for their lives. With balanced water, they can be any where in the tank, and they'll have all the oxygen they need, provided they are not over-crowded once the balanced water resolves the anaerobic conditions. This will dramatically reduce the standard accepted death rate of fish from the lack of oxygen and provide a worldwide savings of billions of dollars annually.*

Household Use Monetary and Environmental Savings*

Beyond the huge implications for agriculture and aquaculture, there are many everyday uses of the Stirwand™. Water is the world's best solvent. We use it to wash and clean just about everything.*

Water works much better in the body when the molecules are separated from each other. The same is true for water used in cleaning. This is why we use detergents and chemical cleaners or surfactants.*

Think of the savings, both monetarily and environmentally, if you simply add the Stirwand™ in the washing machine to recruit every single water molecule to go to work cleaning your clothes.*

Depending on how dirty the clothes are, you might need very little detergent to simply help wash out some of the odors. I use one fourth of the normal amount of detergent if clothes are not too dirty, and half the amount if they're really dirty.*

There are many other cleaning tasks made easier, with less detergent - cleaning carpets and floors, soaking crusted frying pans and stained coffee pots, washing dishes, cleaning eye glasses, brushing your teeth, etc. Whatever you use water for, it'll do a better job if it's first balanced with the Stirwand™.*

Dentists use stirred water for all cleaning and rinsing, not a bad idea to have a container of stirred water available for all your home dental uses as well. Note, we do not recommend using the Stirwand™ in dishwashers due to the potentially extreme heat in the drying cycle of some models.*

With the ability to bring any clean, potable water to near-perfect balance using this technology, the benefits of purchasing bulk water or utilizing a simple filtration device are even more apparent. The savings in terms of convenience and money and the ability to fulfill our reponsibilty to the environment are opportunities that cannot be ignored.*

If read and understood, this Executive Summary should bring us all to this conclusion and our clinical studies should make it perfectly clear that it's not how much you pay for your water, or where it comes from, that counts it's the energy and chemical balance of water before you drink it.*

As a final note on monetary savings - the Stirwand™ comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. With minimal care, it will last a life time.*

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*Stirwands™ are sold for personal use only.

Currently, the use of this technology (the Stirwand™ or "stirred water") to create any type of bottled water product for sale is prohibited. We have and will continue to entertain licensing the use of Stirwand™ technology for the enhancement of other products, such as cosmetics, oils, homeopathic remedies, etc.
Information about these products has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*

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