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Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration Complete System With 32oz Clarity Magnetic Minerals

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Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration System

We know most people's only choice for mountain spring water is to get it in plastic bottle form. But, there is a better choice and you can help eliminate the need for plastic bottles, landfill waste, and create natural spring like water in your own home.*

How can you create fresh, natural, mountain spring water in your home?

What can Adya Minerals eliminate or remove from my water?

Adya Minerals Eliminates the Following out of Drinking Water:

  • 100% of all Anaerobic Bacteria like E. Coli, Enterobacter cloacae, Proteus Mirabils & Pseudomonas*
  • 99.85% of Poliovirus 1 and Rotavirus (this virus kills half a million deaths in children worldwide per year)*
  • 99% of Giardia Lamblia Parasite & 97% of Cryptosporidium*
  • 100% of Chlorine & also Reduces Chloramines and Trihalomethanes (THM's)*

Adya Minerals Reduces These Contaminants from Drinking Water:

  • Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Arenic & Lead*
  • Industrial Chemicals such as BPA, Benzene, MTBE, PCB's, Sodium Flouride, & VOC's*
  • Pharmaceuticals such as Basic (OTC) Drugs, Antibiotics, Antidepressants, Anti-Inflammatory/Pain Relievers, and Hormones*
  • Agricultural Chemicals such as Herbicides, Fungicides, & Insecticides*

Combine the power of Adya gravity-fed water filtration system with Adya?s Clarity mineral solutions to balance your water as only nature can.* Complete kit comes with Adya Water Filter, 16oz Adya Clarity, Ceramic Pre-filter and Multi-Stage Filter.

The Adya Water Filtration System offers a gravity-fed water filtration system that uses the following natural technologies:

  • Multi Ceramic Dome filter: with a typical .2 micron size sieve, our ceramic filters are highly effective at removing many types of particles that lurk in our water. For example, bacteria's size is between 0.5 and 1.0 microns. Ceramic filters last about 1 -2 years depending on water quality and number of gallons filtered.*
  • Natural, 4-layer earth multi stage filter: your water will filter through 4-layers of earth which include activated carbon and zeolites. Throughout nature, these materials are used to purify earth?s water. Earth filters last about 300 gallons.*
  • Adya ionic mineral solutions: our mineral solutions combine with water to eliminate or reduce such substances as chlorine or fluoride. Our minerals also ensure that bad bacteria cannot thrive. Adya ionic minerals are a great catalyst for and supplier of oxygen due to its minerals? ability to draw, and hold oxygen in water.*

The Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration System is a gravity-fed, free-standing unit that does not require any electricity or water pressure to create purified and enhanced water. *

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Additional Information: The Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration System has two water chambers.

The upper chamber has a 5 liter capacity (approximately 1-1/2 gallons) and the lower chamber has a 10 liter capacity (approximately 3 gallons.)

Fill the upper chamber with water and add a minimum of 1 teaspoon of Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals. The water will drip through the ceramic filter of the upper chamber, down through the natural, 4-layer earth filter, into the water reservoir.

Q. How can you create fresh, mountain spring water in your own home?
Combine the power of our gravity-fed water filtration system with Adya's Mineral Solutions to balance your water as only nature can.*

Q. Must I use Adya Mineral Solutions with Adya's Water Filtration Unit?
Although, it is recommended to ensure optimum health benefits, Adya Water filtration system is not required to be used with Adya Clarity. Adding Adya Clarity to any water will improve that water.*

Q. What Are Adya Clarity Minerals?
Adya Clarity contains the best ionic mineral combination that nature has to offer. This liquid solution of purified water and ionic minerals is extracted from magnetic-rich, Black Mica (also known as biotite) and is the key to Adya Clarity?s efficacy.

Do you want drinking water that is oxygen enhanced, provides a higher level of hydration, has impurities eliminated, supplies your body with vital ionic minerals, and has a great refreshing taste?

For most the answer is Yes and now all of this available simply by adding Adya Clarity Magnetic Sulfate Minerals to your water. These ionic minerals have a powerful energy that not only destroys bad bacteria and removes chlorine, but can also electrically energizes water which in turn can energizes your body.*

Q. What is Black Mica or Biotite?
Adya, Inc, has discovered and observed one mineral source that is especially efficient as a ?cleaner? and it is known as Biotite or Black Mica. Black Mica is known for its many healing properties in areas such as homeopathic medicine, as well as metaphysical medicine where Biotite is said to awaken one's consciousness.*

Adya Clarity is sourced from some of the rarest forms of Black Mica. In nature, Mica is required for two things which are to clean up our Earth of toxins and to restore our Earth to balance. This process happens continuously in all our oceans and fresh bodies of water. In this way, since Mica is often the source of minerals for our waterways, this makes Mica one of the most important natural resources for having clean water.

Black Mica (Biotite) is iron rich and has a natural layered structure of iron magnesium aluminum silicate sheets, which is bonded together by layers of potassium ions. This cage-like structure can allow for a ?trapping mechanism?.

Mica is also known to be the best source for mineral formations such as fulvic acid, zeolites, ocean salts, and etc.

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Q. How does Clarity Work?
Magnetism (The Power of Attraction) is one of the most powerful forces of nature. Adya Clarity?s Magnetic Sulfate Minerals utilizes this powerful natural force by attracting contaminants and clumping them into larger sized particles. Since these clumps are heavier than water, they sink and become sediment. Before your eyes, you will see previously invisible and dissolved contaminants become visible and insoluble! With this ability, even muddy water can now be made clear and clarified!

Q. What is lurking in your water?
Whether it is chlorine, bacteria or some other harmful substance, you water can be enhanced. No need to know what the substance is, Adya minerals are there to win the battle and bring some Clarity to our water!

Q. How can Adya Clarity Minerals improve the taste of my water?
It is widely accepted that water that has been enhanced with minerals often tastes better. Adya enhanced water taste great just like all good water that has the best minerals. Adya minerals go a step further by supplying magnetic ionic minerals that can both clarify and activate oxygen in the water.

Many customers of Adya Clarity, who add Adya minerals to their water from their distiller, reverse osmosis system or other highly filtered water system, find that it makes the water more balanced and refreshing.

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