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Adya 4-Layer Earth Replacement Multi-Stage Water Filter (Activated Carbon, Zeolites, Silica Sand & Ion Exchange Resin)

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Adya 4-Layer Earth Replacement Multi-Stage Water Filter (Activated Carbon, Zeolites, Silica Sand & Ion Exchange Resin)

This multi-stage 4-Layer filter has a combination of raw earth materials including Activated Carbon, Zeolites, Silica Sand & Ion Exchange Resin. Throughout nature, these materials are used to purify earth's water. This Natural 4-layer Earth filter lasts about 300 gallons before replacement is needed.. This filter fits in the lower chamber of the Adya Water Filtration Unit.

The 4-Layer Earth Replacement Water Multi Stage Filter contains:

Activated Carbon
Carbon has been used since ancient times (1200 BC) to purify water. Activated carbon is “activated” by heat and oxygen to create a high surface area which absorbs a wide range of contaminants frequently found in water.

Zeolites are micro-porous, aluminosilicate minerals with a unique cage-like structure that makes them useful in many ways, especially in water filters. Their ion-exchange and absorption properties are used to reduce odor and clean heavy metals and other natural compounds from water.

Silica Sand
Silica sand is commonly used in water filters because of its highly absorbent qualities to remove granular contaminants, suspended solids and colloids.

Ion Exchange Resin
In water purification, ion exchange resin is used to remove poisonous and heavy metal ions, replacing them with more harmless ions, such as sodium or potassium.


  • Long-lasting – Replace once every 6 months.
  • Provides 500 gallons of clean, great-tasting water.
  • Easy to insert & replace.
  • No maintenance required

IMPORTANT NOTE for CA & IOWA Residents from the Adya, the Manufacturer: The Adya Portable Water Filtration Unit and Replacement Filters are not available for residents of California or Iowa due to certain restrictive water treatment registration laws. For more information please reference:" California Residents - ONCE TREATED WE RECOMMEND FILTRATION WITH AN OUTDOOR/RECREATIONAL FILTER"

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