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Allergy Free Health

Ever since I was a child, I have had allergies. I used to get allergy shots every 2-4 weeks and took numerous types of allergy medicines. This year my hay fever was much worse than in the past. In fact, there had been days when I was not able to stay outside because I was sneezing continuously, and my eyes were swollen. I have tried 3 different prescription allergy medicines and none of them have relieved all my symptoms.*

I finally decided to try Get Well’s Aller Well since I really liked the philosophy of the doctors that developed this product. Their idea to use herbs to support an allergy-free body instead of treating symptoms of allergies is a great idea. I really appreciate this herbal dietary supplement and have used it all season to support my health.*
- - Keli D., NY

I spent most of my life miserable during hay fever season with itchy nose and throat and really runny nose like if a faucet was turned on. A box of tissue was always near to me during that time of year. Outdoor activities between March and May were something I avoided. Cats and dogs also made my nose run and since I love pets, it was hard to be around them.*

The last 2 years have been very different. I learned that if I changed certain things in my life, I was better able to stay allergy free around pets and pollen. I no longer focus on treating my allergy symptoms, rather I work to keep my body from getting allergies in the first place. What worked for me to support my body in maintaining allergies free were things like removing or limiting the amount of processed sugar and wheat/gluten out of my diet, detoxifying my body on a regular basis, using hepa filters at home and taking Get Well’s Aller Well.*

From my experience, not only do I live allergy free, but my body overall is also much healthier as well. I have tried many other products from Get Well over the years and I have been totally satisfied with how effective they have been for me for supporting my health. Thanks to the helpful and knowledgeable staff at Get Well Natural!*
- - William L., CA


Blood & Platelet Health

My history involves a condition called idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and brings on bruising, petechiae and bleeding symptoms.*

Throughout my life, my platelet counts often fluctuated up and down. I spent much of my time worrying and going from doctor to doctor looking for answers. I did not want to go the splenectomy route since I had learned that the spleen is a very important organ to hang onto in eastern medicine philosophies. Thankfully, my doctor agreed with me and did not push me to have it removed.*

Eventually, one of my doctors recommended I investigate the Blood Well and Restore Immune II herbal formulas. I have taken these as well as many of your natural products.*

Thank you so much for making healthful products like these available. I am constantly telling all of my family and friends about Get Well Natural. My hope is that other people can experience these supportive formulas like I have. Thanks for everything,*
- - Julia L., CA

Dear Get Well Natural: In the past, due to my I.T.P., I had been on various medications wondering if my platelets would every rise. I have taken your products Calm Ezz, Blood Well and Restore Immune II since May 07 and I am very grateful to have found these products.*
- - Darlene - Cleveland, Ohio

Originally in October 2001 I was diagnosed with ITP; bruising and a very low platelet count. Then in November 2001 I had a splenectomy then everything fell apart and my platelets became extremely low; I was so beside myself in that the doctor did not seem to know much about ITP.*

So in January 2002 I found a great doctor to support me and I was put through 3 chemotherapies. After I recovered, my daughter searched the internet and found PDSA...and with the approval of my hematologist I began taking the ITP Kit from Get Well Natural.*

Currently (October 2008), I have been on both Blood Well and Restore Immune II for several years now. My hematologist was so amazed at how the herbal formulas support my body. At the age of 82, I know that I was blessed with a miracle for my daughter to find these herbs, and I will continue to take them for the rest of my life for continued support.*
- - Barbara W., Leawood, KS

Dear Staff, in my life I had a lot of ups and downs. My body ranged from healthy platelet levels to lowered levels. I first experienced platelet count issues during my first pregnancy. My doctors kept track of my platelets, which had dropped to 100k. My OB/GYN sent me to an Oncologist & I was told it was perfectly normal for a pregnant woman. At delivery I couldn't get an epidural because my platelets dropped to 86k. All seemed ok until about a week later when I started running a 103 fever. I went to our family doctor and he prescribed Augmentin (thought I had a uterine infection). Three days later they did an ultrasound & found placenta still left inside me so I was immediately scheduled for a DNC. The morning of my surgery my blood panel came back & my platelets were now at 1,000! It was touch & go for awhile, but after 6 pints of blood & 3 pints of platelets I was ok and released from the hospital with platelets at 168k.*

Doctors said that I either had an allergic reaction or it was just all the trauma from delivery, either way I was put on 80mg of Prednisone. In 3 weeks I had the "moon face", gained 17 lbs. & my platelets dropped back down to 11,000. I was then injected with Win-Rho (which did nothing to raise my platelets, only made me really sick!), had a bone marrow biopsy & my doctor was scheduling to have my spleen removed. I said "NO", I had had enough!*

My uncle told me about your website and I immediately ordered and started the Blood Well & Restore Immune II. I want to report to you that I am totally happy with these platelet health supporting products. I like the idea of using natural methods like stress reduction and natural dietary supplements to support my body’s natural ability to produce healthy platelets versus waiting for my platelets to go down and then having to take drugs like Prednisone. I've tried to tell my medical doctors that for me, supporting my body with healthy and natural products is a better choice for me, but they keep telling me that their drug and surgery recommendations are simply "protocol", and the only thing they are trained to provide. Thank you Get Well Natural, your natural herbs are a blessing!*
- - Sincerely, Alicia S., Kansas

"I was happy to get my order of Blood Well and Restore Immune II. I started to take them right away and I am glad I did. I really appreciate the time and knowledge you shared with me. I thank the lord for all the help your experienced staff have given me."*
- - Dolores S., Florida

Dear Get Well Natural: I write this communication to let individuals with various immune disorders know that Get Well Natural and staff are true professionals. They were the driving force of educating and helping me understand my situation. These products that Get Well Natural provides are the real deal. No gimmicks, no hype, just effective dietary supplements to support my body. I am glad that somehow God directed me to such men and women. Again, thanks to everyone. Each time I call for an order everyone is so cordial and it makes my day each time I talk to them.*
- - With Respect, William Shear, Ohio

After a scary dip in my platelets several years ago I was told by my doctor that I had something called Chronic ITP. I was given costly infusions of IVIG, and very little happened. I refused to go on any steroid therapy because of the side effects. I did my own research and came across this herbal website, and ordered the ITP Kit (Blood Well & Restore Immune 2).*

At first I didn’t notice any difference from taking these supplements. But, I figured since they are natural herbs and designed to support my body’s healthy functions, I decided to stay on them longer. Well, it has been a couple years since I first took these herbal products from Get Well. I am very pleased with these platelet supportive products. My doctor, who at first was skeptical about me taking herbs, is now a believer.*

Over the last couple of years, the friendly folks at Get Well Natural have added, and subtracted certain herbs to my herbal health program, and have been very helpful with giving me information about what I'm taking. Coincidentally (or not) my elderly Mother was hospitalized and also diagnosed with ITP due to her shocking low platelet count numbers. She was put on 60mg of prednisone.*

Two months ago, I convinced her to try the herbal products to support her body’s health. Now, mom is also happy with her decision to give it a try. We are both very grateful to have found Get Well Natural and recommend them to others.*
- - Warmest Regards, Nick, P., Los Angeles, CA

In June 2005 our 2 ½ year old daughter was diagnosed with ITP. She had bruises everywhere and her count was 4K. After an immunoglobulin treatment they went up to 90K and stayed OK for 10 days, and then she was back down to 6K. We went on like this for another 6 months, treatment every 10 days to 2 weeks. We tried cortisone, Vinchristine and immunoglobulin—all these three combined, but it never lasted more than 3 weeks.*

We originally found out about Get Well Natural’s products in 2005. Our first product we gave her was the dietary supplement, "Blood Well Special". We can tell you that we are 100% grateful for this product and for the research that has been conducted by the doctors that developed this formula.*

Get Well Natural’s products have been a great addition in all our lives. We appreciate your company and product line and recommend this product to other parents who are looking to support their child’s body naturally.*
- - Louise S., France

My dog was diagnosed with ITP last October and has been on prednisone since. Only in very high doses did the steroids have an impact on her platelets; however every time we tried to wean her off her platelets would drop. We came across Blood Well Special and started her on that in January. We are now on our 3rd order of this Wonderful product and are totally happy with it. One day we hope her body will be totally healthy. This product is truly AWESOME.*
- - Kim, AZ


Female Health

Menopause is so miserable. My doctors and friends all believe that I am too young to go through menopause at 37. I have been having "hot flashes" in the a.m. and then a few times throughout the day as well, especially at night. It was disrupting and uncomfortable. I'm not fond of taking hormonal medications so I was left with little hope.*

Then my neighbor told me about Get Well Natural’s Female Well. I called your company and realized that there were herbs I could take as a dietary supplement to support the female body. I remember when you first told me about the Female Well product. Not surprising, I was very skeptical. I did not believe in herbs or their supportive qualities since I know nothing about herbs nor had ever taken any.*

But, then I thought, "Why not? What could it hurt?" So, I went into this "trial" with an open mind. Well here I am writing a testimonial to your company. I guess you can say I am a believer now in the power of herbs. I am completely amazed. I have now been on Female Well for over a month and I will definitely be a continual customer.*
- - Linda N., San Jose, CA


General Health & Wellness

I began eating Calm Ezz several months ago for overall health, and also because I am involved in a very stressful legal matter. Boy am I glad I did! What a wonderful product! When I skipped a couple weeks I noticed a huge difference. Needless to say I won't do that again! Thanks so much for making products like Calm Ezz available to us.
- - Mark S. CA 2010



Heart & Cardiovascular Health

I strongly urge everyone to check out Get Well Natural’s Cardio Well and Cardio Well Classic products.*

I am 57 years old and several months ago, I had tightness in my chest after exercising for quite awhile. My business friend told me about Get Well so I decided to give them a call. I am very glad I did. Their helpful staff recommended I take Cardio Well Classic to support healthy cardiovascular function.*

I now understand how important it is to take natural dietary supplements to support my health rather than waiting for my body to warn me that something is wrong. My heart is just too important to not take care of. I can tell you that this herbal formula is truly fantastic!*
- - P.N., Granite Bay, CA

After being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and ITP, I was put on Prednisone for 8 months and my cholesterol shot up to 252. After this experience, I began to make my health more of a higher priority.*

I added your Cardio Well to my dietary supplement regiment and I am so glad I did.*

I prefer to support my body’s ability to have a healthy and normal cardiovascular system versus relying on taking harmful medications when my cholesterol spikes up. I recommend everyone try Cardio Well to help support their own healthy cholesterol levels wherever that might be. Thanks again for your help and I love your products.*
- - T.R., Las Vegas, NV

I am 71 years old and was experiencing high blood pressure 200/107. I did not want to take any drugs because of the side effects that have been reported. I decided to try Get Well’s products after a friend recommended that I look into them. They were so helpful in educating me about their herbs that I decided to try them. I like their products so much that I am now taking several of them to support my own body’s health potential. I feel so happy and thankful to have found these natural products.*
- - B.B., San Jose, CA

After my husband had open heart surgery he was still experiencing high blood pressure. One of my friends suggested that he and I investigate further and checkout a website from Get Well. They have an herbal formula called CARDIO WELL CLASSIC, which supports healthy blood pressure. We are both elated to have found this product and have referred others to try it.*
- - Sincerely, J.D., CA


Joint Health

I recently had developed aching in the outsides of my feet. Nothing major, just some irritating achiness especially when first arising or getting up from sitting for long periods. I decided to try eating Gout Well. What a difference! Within days I was so glad I'm using Gout Well! I especially enjoy pouring the herbs into a cup and adding hot water. Mmmmm. Being a guitarist I really appreciate the importance of mobility and joint health. Thanks so much for making Gout Well and other products like Gout Well available to all.
- - Mark S. CA 2010


Kidney Health

In the past, I was advised that I needed a kidney biopsy to confirm the tentative diagnosis of acute interstitial nephritis. I then tried Kidney Well 2 and Alisma for seven weeks along with a regular juice mix of carrot, apple and celery and less meat in my diet. My renal specialist is pleased. These products are outstanding and I will continue taking them!*
- - Kind Regards, Cathy - 2009

Today, when I went in to see my doctor, he let me know that I was healthy and told me to continue doing whatever I was doing. Well I’ve been on Kidney Well 2 and Alisma and I really like these products. Now he just wants me to lose some weight. I recommend anyone interested in supporting healthy kidney function to try both Kidney Well 2 and Alisma.*
- - S.K., VA

After 22 years, my transplanted kidney was showing a serious weakness and it looked as if it was coming to an end, despite a stiff diet and medical precautions. Also, I had developed a serious case of proteinuria which was getting worse by the week. I decided to try Get Well Natural’s combination of Kidney Well 2 and Phyto Antioxidants. I am very pleased with these products and have added them to my daily health protocol along with eating a healthy diet. Thank you so much for making these kidney supportive products available.*
- - Rui Moreira, Portugal - 2008

From December 2000 to the present date my husband Johnny began his journey with hitting his toe going up stairs, which transitioned into gout, then numerous doctors and multiple challenging and changing health conditions along the way; the last being Glomerulonephritis where many drugs were given and side effects experienced.*

In the end, trying both acupuncture and Get Well Natural’s herbal formulas have been the best thing for my Johnny. We really took responsibility for my husband’s health and I personally felt very proud when the last renal specialist said to us, "Whatever you are taking, keep taking it," and he wanted me to give him the information about your supplements, which I did. God Bless You All.*
- - D.P. Australia

I was concerned about maintaining healthy creatinine levels in my body. I decided to give myself your Alisma herbal extract along with the Kidney Well II herbal product. I really believe in the idea of supporting healthy levels rather than waiting till they are unhealthy. Your products are a god-send. Thank you!*
- - L.H., WI


Liver Health

Over the years I have used many of Get Well’s products to support my body’s health. According to my western doctors, who are all great as well, they keep telling me “whatever you are doing, just keep doing it”. Unfortunately, most are too busy to investigate herbs in general, nor do they understand them. Thanks again to everyone at Get Well Natural.*
- - Douglas, San Diego, CA


Lung Health

In the past, my wife has received treatment for asthma-symptoms, lung infections and severe nasal blockage many times over the last 5 years. You can say we have a lot of experience with the respiratory system in general.*

Her condition worsened last summer and she was on a total of seven medications including 2 types of inhalers. I was forced to stand helpless and watch her struggle for her breathing to return.*

Last month she began taking dietary supplements from Get Well Natural like their Breathe Well product. Both of us are very pleased we decided to try your products. They are definitely one of the best natural products we have ever tried and I want to personally thank you for making these available to my wife!*
- - Richard D., San Jose, CA


Prostate Health

I have been taking Crinum Prostate along with Healthy Prostate & Ovary, and have noticed RESULTS. They have made a positive difference for the first time after 25 years of trying virtually all prostate supplements available.*

Your products even overcame skepticism that anything could actually accomplish this! Congratulations on a great product and continued success with your company!*

I am grateful,
- - David T, Arizona, USA 2013

My name is Will. I am 67 years old. I live in Phoenix Arizona. I was getting up every 10 or 15 minutes at night to urinate; when I did get up to urinate I would usually just get a few drops, instead of a stream of urine. Even though I have no cancer after a biopsy test, my PSA test was still high at 21. The doctor said I just had a swollen prostate.*

The only thing they suggested was that I could have surgery that would cut and remove some of the prostate, and I decided against that. I decided to look for something natural that could be taken daily to support my prostate function.*

I was recommended to call Get Well and ask them about their Healthy Prostate & Ovary herbal formula to support healthy prostate function. I have now used this natural dietary supplement for about four months. It is so nice to know that there are great products like this available and I will continue taking this supplement for years to come.*
- - Will Swanson., AZ

In the past when I had a problem with my prostate, I first began using saw palmetto; however, it did not work for me. I repeatedly found myself in the bathroom 4 or 5 times a night and my elimination flow was a dribble. I was told that Get Well Natural, LLC sold an herbal formula that might offer the support I was looking for.*

So I gave them a call. I now have been taking Get Well’s Healthy Prostate & Ovary for three months. I am very satisfied with these herbs and will definitely tell others about it.*
- - S.S., NM

My friend told me about a company called Get Well Natural, LLC. I called them and began taking their herbal formula Healthy Prostate & Ovary immediately. I was so pleasantly surprised with this product. Thank you Get Well for supplying your incredible formula to Me.*
- - M.A., Canada


Stress Management

I have been feeling quite anxious and stressed over the last year and I decided to look on the internet to see if I could find help. I came across Get Well’s website. They have a product called Calm Ezz which to my surprise really helped me support my healthy state of mind without any side effects of sleepiness or fatigue. Calm Ezz is an awesome product. I love feeling normal & relaxed as well as being able to work throughout the day in a healthy stress-free manner. Thanks a million.*
- - Ilya K., CA

I began eating Calm Ezz several months ago for overall health, and also because I am involved in a very stressful legal matter. Boy am I glad I did! What a wonderful product! When I skipped a couple weeks I noticed a huge difference. Needless to say I won't do that again! Thanks so much for making products like Calm Ezz available to us.
- - Mark S. CA 2010


Water Filtration

I really appreciate you educating me about the Adya Filtration System. Since my water has harmful chloramines, fluorine and who knows what, I wanted to get an easy to use water filtration system that was both economical, and highly effective.

I am really glad to be able to benefit from this water filter and the 2 year supply of Clarity minerals that comes with it. To my pleasant surprise, the water that comes out of the Adya system taste really good. People that come over my house are equally impressed with how good the water tastes.

Thanks again for introducing it to me.
- - Dennis Y. USA


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