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Cellular Oxygenation

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Aerobic Cellular Respiration

Cellular oxygenation is required by the aerobic process of energy production in the cells in the mitochondria (aerobic = requiring oxygen). Cellular oxygenation can be thought of as making sufficient oxygen available for the vital process of aerobic cellular respiration in the cell's mitochondria.*

Aerobic respiration is the main way we make energy in our mitochondria from food that was previously created through photosynthesis.*

Cellular respiration is the process that is kind of like photosynthesis in reverse, whereby energy and co2 is released. Photosynthesis converts co2 into the organic carbonic compounds we eat (food) while releasing the oxygen.

We eat the food (organic compounds) and utilize them through cellular respiration to make energy for living. The primary process is aerobic cellular respiration, releasing the co2 back into the ecosystem in an endless and hopefully balanced cycle.*

As you can see, the presence of sufficient and bio-available oxygen is critically important to aerobic cellular respiration energy production. Promoting cellular oxygenation promotes healthy energy production.*

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Germanium Cellular Oxygenation SupportGermanium

Potentially, Germanium may be used by the body as a cellular oxygenator.* Pure Ge-132 Germanium is a unique organic germanium compound, sometimes called "germanium sesquioxide". It has unique molecular characteristics which make it virtually unreactive in the body, and its small particle size and unique structure permit it to be readily cleared in the urine as an intact molecule.*


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