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Detoxification Health

What is Healthy Detoxification?

Detox Herbal Supplement KitHere, the term is used to mean keeping toxins efficiently flushed out of the body. Toxins that surround us include chemical, physical and biological substances. Detoxification is crucial in the elimination of these harmful stressors since they can lead to many types of illness or disease if not removed.*

Detox Kit

The Detox Kit Promotes Healthy Support for:

  • Improved Release of Toxic Substances by the Body*
  • Healthy Detoxification of the Organs*
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification*
  • Cellular Toxicity Elimination*

Keeping toxins efficiently flushed out of the body is a good thing. Detoxification is crucial to eliminate stressors that can lead to many types of illness or disease if not removed.*

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Detoxification & TCM

Zen WomanIn traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), practitioners have typically used herbs to support health in key areas such as detoxification. TCM is a complete system of healing that dates back as far as 200 B.C. Korea, Japan, and Vietnam have also developed their own unique versions of traditional medicine based on practices originating in China.*

Detoxification & Body Balance

According to the TCM perspective, the body is a delicate balance of two opposing and inseparable forces (yin and yang). A major philosophy of TCM is that health is achieved through creating and maintaining a "balance state" in the body, that's what being healthy is, a state of balance. Also believed is that disease is is nothing more than an internal imbalance leading to a blockage in the flow of qi ("chi" or the body’s vital energy).

Restoring Balance

When imbalance is present the goal is simply to use various herbs and techniques to attempt to bring the body back into balance, harmony and wellness. Detoxification health specifically focuses on purification of various body organs and functions.*

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