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Allergy-Free Health

What is Allergy-Free Health?* Happy People

Allergies arise when the body reacts to a substance that is typically harmless, like pet dander, latex, mold, dust, or pollen.

As spring approaches, the new growth of plants, flowers and grasses, may cause many people to be afflicted by hay fever or allergic rhinitis.

Medical Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners believe that the primary goal for those suffering from allergies is the restoration of balance and equilibrium within the body.*

Allergy-Free Health is a Balanced Body*

Medical Herbalism and TCM practitioners work to support a person's body with diet, dietary herbal supplementation & stress reduction, rather than focusing on treating symptoms of allergies.

This philosophy of balancing and supporting the body was used in the development of natural dietary supplements designed to promote a healthy allergy-free experience.*

Allergy-Free Health Support*

Aller Well, Black Seed Oil & Cell Saver.

Aller Well

Aller Well - Health Support For Imbalances Associated With:

  • Allergies - Seasonal, Animal, Dust & Food*
  • Hay fever, Pollen, Inhalant Allergies*
  • Hives/Urticaria*

Aller Well

The Doctors and Herbalist who created Aller Well in their practices believe that Aller Well combines herbal ingredients that improve the body's natural healthy ability to live Allergy-Free. They believe Aller Well promotes healthy liver function, neuro-endocrine balance and immunoregulation which are all important in order for the body to react to allergens and pollutants in a healthy way, rather than with an allergic response.*
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