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Kidney Health

Support Healthy Kidneys & Kidney Function*

Kidney Health Herbal Supplements

Kidney Health Herbal Supplements Category*

Dietary Support for Healthy Kidneys and Renal Function*

Looking for Herbs to Support Healthy Kidneys?

Get Well Natural is happy to introduce you to our exclusive line of herbal dietary supplement kidney health support kits.*

These kits contain herbal kidney formulas with potent kidney herbs designed by Eastern Medicine practitioners to support kidney health.*

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Each of the kits combine doctor recommended herbal combinations that have been developed to be effective at supporting healthy kidney function. These dietary kidney supplements can be an important part of any kidney diet health program. Only the best kidney herbs are included in each formula.*


Introducing Get Well Natural's
Kidney Health Kits!

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What Are Kidneys & What Is Their Function?

Human kidneys are fist sized bean-shaped organs (hence the name kidney beans) located just below the rib cage near your spine.*

The kidneys are sophisticated filtering machines that process about 200 quarts of blood per day and sift out about 2 quarts of waste products and water. Healthy functioning kidneys then remove this water and wastes from the blood in the form of urine.*

Your kidneys also filter out usable chemicals for your body and release them back to your blood. This is how your kidneys help to regulate certain substances.*

Without this effective filtering process, the blood would become too toxic and pose a health threat.*

What Causes Kidney Dysfunction & What Can it Lead To?

The two most common causes of kidney dysfunction and kidney disease are high blood pressure and diabetes.*

Dysfunction of the kidneys can lead to conditions such as high creatinine, proteinuria, chronic kidney disease, high creatinine levels, proteinuria, glomerulonephritis, and even worse, kidney failure which requires dialysis.*

This is why it is so important to understand that early kidney disease has no symptoms so it is very important to make kidney health a top priority as you age.*

According to the National Institute of health, they recommend that you dont wait for symptoms. They suggest blood and urine tests to determine the health of ones kidneys. A blood test measures your GFR (glomerular (glow-MAIR-you-lure) filtration rate) and a urine test checks for protein.*

Leading Doctor Recommended Kidney Health Products:

Kidney Well II , Alisma and Phyto Antioxidant contain healthy kidney herbs and can be taken to provide maximum support for healthy creatinine levels, urinary protein levels or for imbalances associated with kidney dysfunctions.*

Maintaining kidney health is crucial since kidney dysfunction can lead to kidney disease such as Glomerulonephritis, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), Nephrotic Syndrome, Glomerulosclerosis, IgA Nephropathy, and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).*

All three of these herbal kidney support products are contained in Kidney Health Kit 1 for maximum kidney health support.*

Kidney Health Kit 1*

100% Money Back Guarantee!

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The Legendary Kidney Well II

Kidney Well II is one of three herbal kidney support products contained in our kidney health kits. The Doctors and Herbalists who have used Kidney Well II in their practices have found KWII to be an effective kidney health support dietary supplement by itself, but is even more powerful when combined with Alisma & Phyto Antioxidant. Kidney Health Kit 1 combines all three for maximum kidney support at a discounted price.

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Kideny Well II - Natural Herbal Support For:*

  • Healthy Kidneys*
  • Healthy Urinary Protein Levels*
  • Healthy Creatinine Levels*
  • Improved Normal Kidney Filtration Functions*
  • Support for Imbalances Associated with Kidney Dysfunction*
  • Improved Healthy Kidney Function*

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Many of our satisfied customers, who have taken Kidney Well II, have been so thankful that these types of healthy kidney supporting products are available. We encourage you to try these products and experience them for yourself.*

Take Control Your Kidney Health Naturally with Doctor Recommended Kidney Health Support Supplements.*

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More Kidney Well II Information

Developed by a collective group of Master Herbalists and Medical Doctors in Vietnam and Russia, Get Well Natural's original Kidney-Well II formula was time tested successfully for over 25 years in their personal practices to support their patients with kidney dysfunction.*

According to their experience, western medicine fails to effectively treat chronic kidney disease. Their philosophy believes that the body, with its wonderful restorative ability, can heal itself.*

In order to do that, they believe that the body must reach a more harmonious state through the use of natural methods including healthy diet, stress reduction, and effective nutritional supplements like herbal remedies that are high in essential and active ingredients.*

Your Kidney Health Kits*

100% Money Back Guarantee!

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What Is Renal Function?

What your kidneys do is typically referred to as renal function. Having two healthy kidneys represents 100 percent renal function, actually more than you really need. You've probably heard of organ donors giving one of their kidneys to those in need. Donors and people born with just one kidney do fine leading healthy normal lives.*

Small reductions in renal function may not pose a major health threat but many people have a kidney disease that is likely to worsen. Serious health problems develop at less than 25 percent renal function. The human body will not survive long with renal function below 10 to 15 percent without some type of renal replacement therapy, dialysis or transplantation.*

Source: National Institutes of Health, Read More

Leading Doctor Recommended Kidney Health Supplements:*

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