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Kidney Well II (120 Capsules)

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You've Found the Original Source of Kidney Well II

Used by thousands of satisfied people around the world!

Alisma Herb

CONTAINS NO "Beef Bovine Capsules", or Common Fillers such as Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Talc or Silicon Dioxide. The Only Ingredients are Natural Herbs and Kosher/Vegan Vegetarian Capsules*

Eastern Medicine Herbs such as Alisma, Astragalus, Cyperus, Dioscorea Poria & Rehmannia Ganoderma Have Been Used for Centuries for Support.*

Miracle-like Supplements for My Patients *

I love Kidney Well 2 and Alisma. They have been miracle-like supplements for my patients who are working on improving the health of the kidneys. I have been using these supplements in my clinic for the last 12 years with many dozens of patients and I always see great results. I wouldn't run my naturopathic medical office without them.

Posted by Dennis Godby, ND, Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center on Apr 25th 2019

Get Well Natural is pleased to offer the effective herbal formula in Kidney Well II! You'll find our 100% Vegan Vegi-Capsules make the herbs contained in Kidney Well 2 easy to take for consistent results. Each bottle contains a 15 day supply of 4 capsules taken 2 times per day suggested usage.*

Official Web Site of KidneyWell 2 & Healthy Kidney Function*
Natural Dietary Herbal Supplement for Kidney Health Support

Doctor Developed Dietary Supplements*

A collective group of medical doctors, scientists and master herbalists developed Get Well Natural's exclusive line of specialty health support products. Kidney Well II was developed for maximum kidney health support with extraordinary results. Many of our satisfied customers who have taken Kidney Well II, have been so thankful that these healthy kidney supporting products are available. Try these products and experience them for yourself.* 100% Money-Back Guarantee*

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Doctor Recommended Kidney Well 2 for:

  • Maximum Support for Healthy Kidneys*
  • Healthy Urinary Protein Levels*
  • Healthy Creatinine Levels*
  • Improved Normal Kidney Filtration Functions*
  • Support for Imbalances Associated with Kidney Dysfunction*
  • Improved Healthy Kidney Function*
Kidney Well II Herbal Supplement

Get Well Natural is the Original Source & Supplier of Kidney-Well II. All our products are designed through the careful collaboration with experienced Medical Doctors and Master Herbalists in Vietnam and Russia. These doctors have used these time tested herbal formulas successfully for decades in their personal practices to support their patients with kidney dysfunction. According to their experience, western medicine fails to effectively treat chronic kidney disease. Their philosophy believes that the body, with its wonderful restorative ability, can heal itself. But, in order to do that, they believe that the body must reach a more harmonious state through the use of natural methods including healthy diet, stress reduction, and effective nutritional supplements like herbal remedies that are high in essential and active ingredients.*

Suggested Usage: 15 day supply at 4 caps, 2 times per day suggested usage. As a Dietary Supplement, take 4 capsules 2 times daily on an empty stomach with water, 30 minutes before meals or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.*
Product Ingredients: Alisma, Astragalus, Cyperus, Dioscorea, Poria Cocos, Rehmmania, Ganoderma*
Count: 120 Vegetarian Capsules
: 30 Servings
Herb Net Weight Per Capsule: 500 mg

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Kidney Well II's Ingredients

Kidney Well II Herbs

Kidney Well II Herbal SupplementKidney Well 2 contains a proprietary, highly concentrated blend of 7 herbs:

Kidney Well II Herbs Alisma Rhizoma Root Herbal Supplement Ingredient Astragalus Membranaceous Herbal Supplement Ingredient Cyperus Rotundus Nut Grass Herbal Supplement Ingredient Dioscorea Batatas Chinese Yam Poria Cocos Fu Ling Rehmannia Chinese Foxglove Ganoderma Lucidum Ling Zhi

Kidney Herbs Centuries of Use*

Based on the creator's of Kidney Well II's experience and understanding, Kidney Well II's proprietary herbal ingredients were chosen due to their potential to support the body for potential benefits to the kidneys: anti-oxidant, cellular cleansing, filtration support, and cellular energy enhancing properties. This formulation was designed to support all the bodily systems that are involved with maintaining healthy kidneys and protecting them from environmental chemical damage.*

Kidney Well II Herbal Supplement

Many individuals worldwide, who have taken these effective kidney supporting products, have been extremely satisfied and thankful after using our exclusive herbal blends. Try these products for yourself and experience healthy kidney support.*

Kidney Well II contains all-natural ingredients and is made without any excipients, flowing agents, preservatives or other synthetic additives commonly found in the supplement industry. It also contains no dairy, corn, gluten or any animal based substance.*

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More Testimonials

My Creatinine Levels are healthier than my last visit to my doctor! Thanks to the staff of Get Well Natural for producing Kidney Well II and the Alisma herbal extract.*

The previous time I had seen my doctor was a total different story. My doctor had told me that while my creatinine levels were in the normal range, I was on the border of having poor kidney function. My doctor had totally scared the "you know what" out of me about where my kidneys were headed (possibly kidney failure and then dialysis) if my creatinine levels worsened.*

Fortunately for me, I already knew about Get Well Natural since I had taken some of their other products in the past. After my previous doctor visit, I began taking Kidney Well II and Alisma for a couple of months as well as worked on my diet by trying to eat healthier food. I am really impressed at how effective their natural products are at supporting my healthy functions in my body. I will continue to tell everyone I run into that could benefit from what your company has to offer.*

Thanks again for producing these wonderful products,
- - David C., Gilroy, Ca

To the Staff at Get Well: Today, when I went in for the review of my kidney tests, my doctor let me know that I am doing fantastic and whatever protocol I am following to just keep doing it. Well I've been on Kidney Well 2 and Alisma and I really enjoy these products. Now he just wants me to lose weight.*
- - S.K., VA

Dear Get Well Natural: After 22 years, despite a stiff diet and medical precautions, my transplanted kidney was showing serious weakness and it looked as if it was coming to an end. Also, I had developed a serious case of Proteinuria which was getting worse by the week. It was two months ago, when I decided to try a combination of Kidney Well2 and Phyto Antioxidants. I want to let you know how much I appreciate these dietary supplements. They really help balance my body and at this stage in my life, I need all the support I can get. Thank you.*
-- R. Moreira, Portugal
- 2008

In the past, I was advised that I needed a kidney biopsy to confirm the tentative diagnosis of acute interstitial nephritis. I then tried Kidney Well 2 and Alisma for seven weeks along with a regular juice mix of carrot, apple and celery and less meat in my diet. My renal specialist is pleased. These products are outstanding and I will continue taking them!*
- - Kind Regards, Cathy - 2009

Today, when I went in to see my doctor, he let me know that I was healthy and told me to continue doing whatever I was doing. Well I've been on Kidney Well 2 and Alisma and I really like these products. Now he just wants me to lose some weight. I recommend anyone interested in supporting healthy kidney function to try both Kidney Well 2 and Alisma.*
- - S.K., VA

From December 2000 to the present date my husband Johnny began his journey with hitting his toe going up stairs, which transitioned into gout, then numerous doctors and multiple challenging and changing health conditions along the way; the last being Glomerulonephritis where many drugs were given and side effects experienced.*

In the end, trying both acupuncture and Get Well Natural's herbal formulas have been the best thing for my Johnny. We really took responsibility for my husband's health and I personally felt very proud when the last renal specialist said to us, "Whatever you are taking, keep taking it," and he wanted me to give him the information about your supplements, which I did. God Bless You All.*
- - D.P. Australia

I was concerned about maintaining healthy creatinine levels in my body. I decided to give myself your Alisma herbal extract along with the Kidney Well II herbal product. I really believe in the idea of supporting healthy levels rather than waiting till they are unhealthy. Your products are a god-send. Thank you!*
- - L.H., WI

The Power of Synergy

According to the Doctors & Herbalists who developed these products, combining KW2 with Alisma & Phyto Antioxidant makes it even more powerful.*

Click Here for Kidney Health Kit #1 with All Three for MAXIMUM Kidney Health Support Click Here for Herbal Supplements*

Additional Kidney Health Support Information

Find the Deeper Cause According to Eastern Medicine*

According to the developers of this formula, many people do not realize that chronic inflammatory disorders of the kidneys are often caused by primary or secondary abnormalities in renal micro circulation and metabolism, as well as nutritional deficiencies within the kidneys.*

The doctors who developed Kidney Well II believe that these negative factors may lead to low kidney function and imbalance thus resulting in the possible need for medical attention.* That is why these doctors feel that supporting normal body balance and healthy kidney function is an important factor for those at risk for chronic kidney disease, high creatinine levels, Proteinuria, Glomerulonephritis, Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (F.S.G.S.), Nephrotic Syndrome, IgA Nephropathy, Polycystic Kidney Disease, and drug-induced kidney pathologies and any renal dysfunction.*

Q. What are the symptoms of Kidney Disease?

According to the National Kidney Foundation, when the kidneys don't function properly, an individual may develop symptoms such as high blood pressure, anemia, weak bones, nerve damage and more. Other symptoms may include swelling in the ankles, vomiting, weakness, poor sleep, itchy skin, muscle cramping and shortness of breath.

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Questions? Call 1-888-522-4372

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  • 5
    Stage 3 kidney failure

    Posted by Bette Miller on Nov 4th 2022

    Since I have been taking this supplement (8 capsules/day) my numbers on kidney function have astonished my nephrologist. She Pooh Pooh’s natural treatment so I don’t mention it anymore.

  • 5
    Miracle-like supplements for my patients

    Posted by Dennis Godby, ND, Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center on Apr 25th 2019

    I love Kidney Well 2 and Alisma. They have been miracle-like supplements for my patients who are working on improving the health of the kidneys. I have been using these supplements in my clinic for the last 12 years with many dozens of patients and I always see great results. I wouldn't run my naturopathic medical office without them.

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