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Dr. Shaw's Daily Herbal Health Kit (1 Cell Saver, 1 Cardio Well Classic, 2 btls of Healthy Prostate and Ovary)

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Introducing Dr. Shaw's Daily Herbal Health Kit!

Eastern Medicine Herbs Have Been Used for Centuries for Energy, Vitality, Longevity, Health Improvements and Quality of Life*

Dr. Shaw's Daily Herbal Health Kit

PriceSupply# of KitsSavings
$128.50 2 Weeks 1 Kit Save 5%
$244.15 1 Month 2 Kits Save 5% More
$327.68 1 1/2 Months 3 Kits Save 15% More
$427.00 2 Months 4 Kits Save 17% More
$616.80 3 Months 6 Kits Save 20% More

Natural Herbal Support used Daily by Dr. Graeme Shaw, M.D.*

Assembled for those:

Zen Woman
  • Aware of the potential benefits of natural dietary supplementation
  • Interested in greater health, longevity & fitness
  • Who may already use alternative health supplements in their own health regimen
  • Who are looking to improve quality of life with supplements, in addition to diet & lifestyle improvements
  • Who need to know where to start with herbal supplements

You Might Consider Dr. Shaw's Own Daily Supplement Regimen*

Introducing Dr. Shaw's Daily Herbal Health Kit

Dr. Graeme Shaw

As part of his own daily supplement program, Get Well Natural consultant "Dr. Graeme Shaw" has found much success over the years, from taking three particular Get Well Natural products on a consistent basis. They are Cardio Well Classic, Cell Saver and Healthy Prostate and Ovary. He considers these an essential part of his daily health regimen for supporting his body in regards to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, effective detoxification, and a healthy prostate gland.*

Recently, when working with Dr. Shaw on creating informational health videos, his own supplementation use came up and we thought, what better way to help folks with herbal supplement choices than to offer Dr. Shaw's preferred choice of supplements in a discounted product kit. Dr. Shaw agreed so we put together Dr. Shaw's Daily Herbal Health Kit, combining three of his favorite choices.*

Eastern Medicine Inspiration

As you may know if you've been to this site before, the Doctors & Herbalists who developed Get Well Natural's line of herbal supplement products, combined decades of experience to develop these unique, proprietary Eastern Medicine inspired products. They created products for both specific health support, and for general health support for both their patients, as well as themselves and their families. Dr. Shaw has also used Get Well Natural herbal formulas personally, and in his practice, for many years with super results.*

These product formula developers combined decades of experience, knowledge, and refinement to develop these dietary supplements based on a complete understanding of both Eastern Medicine principals and Western medicine approaches.*

Dr. Graeme Shaw

They believe that any health regimen must include supporting the body's natural ability to remain disease-free by achieving a balanced state, especially in light of today's ever-increasing toxic and stressful world. This belief is part of the Eastern Medicine philosophy and practice of holistic health.*

This Eastern Medicine approach of adding key herbal formulas to a person's daily dietary intake has been used for centuries, with great success according to practitioners worldwide.*

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Dr. Shaw's Daily Herbal Health Kit Products & Ingredients

Contains the Following Get Well Natural Herbal Supplements:*

Dr. Shaw's Daily Herbal Health Kit contains one each of the following for a two week supply:

These potent herbal formulas have been carefully selected and used personally by Dr. Shaw for their powerful health support properties.*

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Cell Saver (1 Bottle of 120 Capsules)Cell Saver

Cell Saver Supports Healthy Detoxification of Your Cells*

Cell Saver was designed to provide cellular detoxification support for cellular health & vitality.*

Over toxicity of your cells is believed to be the cause of general poor health. Naturally cleansing your cells may improve the body's systems and functions on all levels.*

Cell Saver is an excellent natural health support for those with chronic and age-related concerns as well as a perfect life enhancing dietary supplement to promote general health and overall wellness.*

Cell Saver Ingredients (120 capsules - 1 bottle)

Cell Saver contains potent proprietary ingredients for cellular support including:*

Healthy Prostate and Ovary Herbs Paeonia Peony Root Atractylodes Alba Momordica Charantia Dioscorea Rhizoma (Chinese Yam) Smilax Glabra Tu Fu Ling Cudrania Tricuspidata Alisma

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Cardio Well "Classic" (1 Bottle of 100 Capsules)

Eastern Medicine Herbs such as Morinda, Prunella, Salvia, Notoginseng, Eucomia & Lycium Fruit have been used for Centuries to Support:

  • Enhanced Healthy Heart Function & Circulation*
  • A Healthy Non-Enlarged Heart*
  • Healthy Coronary Artery & Capillary Integrity*

Cardio Well ClassicCardio Well Classic contains a proprietary potent blend of 6 Chinese herbs:

Cardio Well Classic Herbs Morinda Citrifolia Noni Fruit Herb Prunella Herb Salvia Herb Notoginseng Herb Eucomia Herb Lycium Fruit Herb

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Healthy Prostate and Ovary (2 Bottles with 180 Capsules)

Healthy Prostate & OvaryGet Well Natural's Healthy Prostate and Ovary herbal supplement provides crucial body balance to support a healthy prostate gland and prostate function.*

Doctor Developed to Support for:

  • Overall Prostate Health*
  • Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy-Free Health*
  • Non-Painful or Non-Frequent Urinary Health*
  • Male Urination Normalcy*

Healthy Prostate and Ovary (Now In Capsules or Tablets)

Ingredients for Get Well Natural's
Healthy Prostate & Ovary

Healthy Prostate & Ovary contains a proprietary potent blend of 6 Chinese herbs:

Prostate Crinum Herbs Momordica Charantia Fruit - Baby Jackfruit, Spiny Bitter Gourd, Sweet Gourd, or Cochinchin Gourd Cochinchinensis Gac Carica Papaya Astragalus Root Alisma Crinum Latifolium

Count: 180 Capsules
Net Weight per Capsule: 500 mg.
Servings Per Bottle: Approx. 30 Servings

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So Take Control of Your Health!*

Dr. Shaw's Choice for Dietary Herbal Health Support*

Happy CoupleEveryone is interested in greater health. Easily overlooked is simply supporting a normal healthy body with dietary herbal supplements. In today's toxic world with low value food this may be beneficial even without any specific health concern or issue, without already being "sick", and that is what Dr. Shaw achieves through his own health support regimen.*

Regular Supplements vs Exceptional Supplements
Get Well Natural's Superior Proprietary Herbal Formulas*

Many of us would like to try herbal supplements in addition to a healthy diet & lifestyle. But finding the right choice can be daunting. There are vitamins and minerals and dietary herbs you can easily pick up in stores, at the local health food store, or online. We are all constantly barraged by information from all corners, all day long, which results in information overload. All of us can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of health information out there, when all we want to know is where to start, simply, easily and most important, effectively.*

Albizia Julibrissin - Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract

Why Not Try Dr. Shaw's Daily Herbal Health Kit as a Starting Point?*

With the help of Dr. Shaw, Get Well Natural offers you an exclusive line of superior and effective health support products. The introduction of Dr. Shaw's Daily Herbal Health Kit offers you a great choice to get you going. You've found a simple yet effective herbal supplement kit, designed by Eastern Medicine practitioners for overall health & longevity support, and used by Dr. Graeme Shaw himself.*

As you now know if you've read this far, Eastern Medicine believes that supporting body balance can create the conditions where "dis-ease" simply cannot exist. Why wait until you are sick to address your health and wellness? Exactly. You don't have to wait.*

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Dear Get Well Natural,

I write this communication to let individuals with various immune disorders know that Get Well Natural and staff are true professionals. They were the driving force of educating and helping me understand my situation. These products that Get Well Natural provides are the real deal. No gimmicks, no hype, just effective dietary supplements to support my body. I am glad that somehow God directed me to such men and women. Again, thanks to everyone. Each time I call for an order everyone is so cordial and it makes my day each time I talk to them.*
- - With Respect, William Shear, Ohio

I strongly urge everyone to check out Get Well Natural's Cardio Well and Cardio Well Classic products.*

I am 57 years old and several months ago, I had tightness in my chest after exercising for quite awhile. My business friend told me about Get Well so I decided to give them a call. I am very glad I did. Their helpful staff recommended I take Cardio Well Classic to support healthy cardiovascular function.*

I now understand how important it is to take natural dietary supplements to support my health rather than waiting for my body to warn me that something is wrong. My heart is just too important to not take care of. I can tell you that this herbal formula is truly fantastic!*
- - P.N., Granite Bay, CA


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction GuaranteedGet Well Natural offers you these unique proprietary dietary herbal supplements with a promise that you will be satisfied or your money back.*

There is no sure way to find out if these dietary supplements may be for you unless you try them, optimally for a three month or better period. To read more about others' experience with these supplements you can visit the testimonials page.*

Not sure that Get Well Natural's products are right for you? Try with confidence with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

If you're not completely satisfied with our products, we'll give you a refund. For details, read our return policy.*

Bulk Kit Pricing

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