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The Prostate Crinum Kit (2 Healthy Prostate & Ovary, 2 Crinum Prostate)

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Concerned About Prostate Health?*

Eastern Medicine Herbs Have Been Use for Prostate Support for Centuries.*

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$137.95 1 Month 1 Kit Save 13% off MSRP
$262.10 2 Months 2 Kits Save 17% off MSRP
$381.50 3 Months 3 Kits Save 20% off MSRP
$715.25 6 Months 6 Kits Save 25% off MSRP
$1335.00 12 Months 12 Kits Save 30% off MSRP

The Prostate Crinum Kit*

Crinum Latifolium

Healthy Support for those concerned with achieving Maximum Prostate Health support according to Eastern Medicine.*

CONTAINS NO "Beef Bovine Capsules", or Any Fillers such as Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Talc, Silicon Dioxide, etc. The Only Ingredients are Natural Herbs put into Kosher/Vegan Vegetarian Capsules*

Eastern Medicine Herbs such as Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium, Astragalus, Alisma, Momordica Charantia, Carica Papaya & Annona Muricata Have Been Used for Centuries to Support:

  • Overall Prostate Health*
  • Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy-Free Health*
  • Non-Painful or Non-Frequent Urinary Health*
  • Male Urination Normalcy*

Get Well Natural's Synergistic Dietary Herbal Supplement Prostate Kit contains one HPO and two CP for an approximate thirty day supply:

These Doctor recommended herbal health supplements have been combined to provide maximum support for healthy prostate function.*

Recommended Length of Usage: It is recommended that Prostate Crinum Kit products be taken for minimum initial period of 3-6 months for best results. This recommendation is based on over 40 years of clinical experience by the developing doctors, where they found that improved prostate gland health and function, as well as urination function can take the body time as it works to support improved prostate health.*

Additional Information: Prior to Get Well Natural opening, the Medical Doctors and Master Herbalist who designed our products, discovered that an initial 3 to 6 months of herbal usage was essential for their patients' outcomes. These doctors believed that energetically, their patients were healthier after the first few days on the herbs and they could identify improved health balance using a standard Eastern Medicine "Pulse and Tongue" diagnosis.  So even though their patients may not have physically noticed results in the first few weeks of the initial 3-6 month protocol, these doctors/herbalist could tell the herbs were working for them from the beginning as well as throughout their protocol.*

After that initial period, some of their patients no longer needed the supportive herbs since they had reached their goals, while others needed further support and continued taking them for extended periods of time.  In addition, these practitioners found that the longer their patients had a concern prior to beginning their herbal regiment, the longer their bodies generally took to achieve their health goals.*

These Doctors and Master Herbalists often taught their patients that the prostate gland is the slowest changing part of the male anatomy both in terms of how many years it takes to develop a prostate problem and on the flip side, how long it can take for the body to heal it. They taught their patients that even if it took months to years for their body to heal itself, the fact that they were improving their health as they got older was a very positive outcome and bucking the normal trend. They further explained that most people with long term prostate problems, that did not focus on supporting the body's ability to heal the prostate, often went the opposite route as they aged.*

Crinum Prostate

Suggested Usage: For Healthy Prostate & Ovary, take 3 capsules, twice daily. For Crinum Prostate, take 2 capsules, twice daily. Both products can be taken at the same time of the day and on an empty stomach.*

Combining them in our Kits saves you 5% more off the individually combined prices, plus quantity discounts still apply.

Quantity Discounts: Save further when you purchase more than three (3) Prostate Crinum Kits. Select your supply and add to cart.

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The Sum is Greater Than The Parts*

When taken together Healthy Prostate & Ovary and Crinum Prostate work synergistically in the body to provide the maximum amount of focused support needed to maintain a healthy prostate gland.*

Testimonial * Crinum and HPO Combined *

I have been using Get Well Natural's Healthy Prostate & Ovary successfully for over 4 years. This product has been a truly remarkable part of my prostate health protocol. Two months ago I added 1 capsule of the Crinum Prostate product to the mix and I can tell you that this product works well with the Healthy Prostate & Ovary. My doctor is very happy with my test results and so am I. Much appreciated"
--Stephen G, Florida

Crinum Latifolium

Get Well Natural's Healthy Prostate & Ovary (HP&O) product is the foundation of any prostate program and works differently than anything else on the market. This is due to its unique Eastern Medicine design that focuses on the body's ability to heal its own prostate tissue once balance is restored in the body. This very specific herbal combination was created through years of trial and error by the coordination of medical doctors and master herbalists working with their patients who were concerned with improving prostate health.*

Second Opinion by Dr. Robert Rowen MD

Healthy Prostate & Ovary's herbal combination has been featured in Second Opinion by Dr. Robert Rowen MD, (a Health Sciences Institute periodic publication), as one of the best natural prostate supportive products on the market. Its effective and exclusive formulation of Astragalus, Alisma, Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium, Bitter Melon (Momordica), Papaya and Annona (Graviola) was created to achieve a specific and balanced support needed by the body to achieve healthy prostate function.*

Crinum Prostate

Crinum Prostate contains 100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium which is a natural herbal plant extract. Crinum Latifolium does not offer the crucial "eastern medicine" body balancing benefits of the Healthy Prostate & Ovary product, but it does provide very unique and effective benefits in supporting the body for both men and women.*

Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium has been used for decades in the hospitals of Vietnam in conjunction with eastern medicine herbal formulas due to its ability to supply additional health benefits to balancing, herbal protocols.*

Daily Dietary Supplementation

Both Healthy Prostate & Ovary & Crinum Prostate can be used for extended periods of time as a "daily dietary supplement" to provide individuals with all-natural prostate support as well as healthy balance to key areas of the body associated with restoring healthy prostate function and maintaining a healthy prostate gland.*

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The Prostate Crinum Kit Products & Ingredients

Healthy Prostate and Ovary
(Two 90 count bottles = 180 Capsules)

Healthy Prostate & OvaryGet Well Natural's Healthy Prostate and Ovary herbal supplement provides crucial body balance to support a healthy prostate gland and prostate function.*

Doctor Developed to Support for:

  • Overall Prostate Health*
  • Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy-Free Health*
  • Non-Painful or Non-Frequent Urinary Health*
  • Male Urination Normalcy*
  • No Fillers or Preservatives*

Healthy Prostate and Ovary (180 Capsules)

Ingredients for Get Well Natural's
Healthy Prostate & Ovary

Healthy Prostate & Ovary contains a proprietary potent blend of 7 Eastern Medicine herbs:

Prostate Crinum Herbs Crinum Latifolium Alisma Astragalus Root Carica Papaya Momordica Charantia Fruit - Baby Jackfruit, Spiny Bitter Gourd, Sweet Gourd, or Cochinchin Gourd Cochinchinensis Gac Patrinia Villosa

Count: 180 Capsules
Net Weight per Capsule: 500 mg.
Servings Per Bottle: Approx. 30 Servings

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Crinum ProstateCrinum Prostate
(with 100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium)

Get Well Natural's Crinum Latifolium Herbal Extract: Traditional Vietnamese Herb Shows Great Promise for Supporting Prostate Health*

  • 100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium Herb*
  • No fillers or preservatives*
  • All-Natural Prostate Dietary Supplement*
  • Designed to be taken with Healthy Prostate & Ovary*

Crinum Prostate (60 Capsules) Contains (Kit Has 2 Bottles)

100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium which is one of Vietnam's most potent and effective medicinal herbs for supporting healthy prostate function.*

Crinum Latifolium is also one of Vietnam's best kept secrets until recently.

Crinum Latifolium

Over the past several years, more people around the world are finding out about Crinum Latifolium's effective properties due to several key published studies and articles.*

Now combined with our legendary Healthy Prostate and Ovary dietary herbal supplement for MAXIMUM prostate support.*

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More Customer Testimonials

My name is Will. I am 67 years old. I live in Phoenix Arizona. I was getting up every 10 or 15 minutes at night to urinate; when I did get up to urinate I would usually just get a few drops, instead of a stream of urine. Even though I have no cancer after a biopsy test, my PSA test was still high at 21. The doctor said I just had a swollen prostate.*

The only thing they suggested was that I could have surgery that would cut and remove some of the prostate, and I decided against that. I decided to look for something natural that could be taken daily to support my prostate function.*

I was recommended to call Get Well and ask them about their Healthy Prostate & Ovary herbal formula to support healthy prostate function. I have now used this natural dietary supplement for about four months. It is so nice to know that there are great products like this available and I will continue taking this supplement for years to come.*
- - Will Swanson., AZ

In the past when I had a problem with my prostate, I first began using saw palmetto; however, it did not work for me. I repeatedly found myself in the bathroom 4 or 5 times a night and my elimination flow was a dribble. I was told that Get Well Natural, LLC sold an herbal formula that might offer the support I was looking for.*

So I gave them a call. I now have been taking Get Well's Healthy Prostate & Ovary for three months. I am very satisfied with these herbs and will definitely tell others about it.*
- - S.S., NM

My friend told me about a company called Get Well Natural, LLC. I called them and began taking their herbal formula Healthy Prostate & Ovary immediately. I was so pleasantly surprised with this product. Thank you Get Well for supplying your incredible formula to Me.*
- - M.A., Canada

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Maximum Healthy Prostate Support*

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