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Crinum Prostate - 60 High Potency Vegi Caps 100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium Concentrated Full Spectrum Extract 1000mg Per Serving

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A Healthy Prostate Gland & Prostate Function?*

Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium has been used successfully for many years in Vietnam to support the prostate gland.*

100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium*

Crinum Latifolium Herbal Extract: Traditional Vietnamese Herb Shows Great Promise for Supporting Prostate Health.*

  • Highest Crinum Latifolium Extract Potency Available (up to 12:1 Concentration)*
  • 100% Authentic Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium Herb*
  • Concentrated Extract Used to Maximize Active Ingredients*
  • CONTAINS NO "Beef Bovine Capsules", Fillers or Excipients*
  • Only Kosher & Vegetarian Capsules Used*
Crinum Latifolium

Since 2005, Get Well Natural has offered 100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium in the USA as well as internationally. Crinum Prostate is Get Well Natural original product with 100% Authentic Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium in a Full Spectrum Concentration (up to 12:1) Extract.

Crinum Prostate offers a higher concentration ratio in order provide customers with a maximum strength herbal extract. Higher concentrations are generally used by Eastern Medicine practitioners wanting to maximize results and active ingredients. Makes a perfect complement to our Healthy Prostate & Ovary supplement!*

Crinum Prostate (100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium) is Designed to Offer the Body Healthy Support For Those Interested In:

  • Healthy Prostate Gland & Function*
  • Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy-Free Health*
  • Non-Painful or Non-Frequent Urinary Health*
  • Urination Regularity & Normalcy*
  • Healthy Immune System*

Suggested Usage: Take 2 capsules, twice per day on an empty stomach or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. For Maximum Support: Crinum Prostate is generally taken for 3-6 Months at a time and is perfect to take with Healthy Prostate & Ovary for Maximum Support.* Click here to buy the kit with both and save.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains only 100% Concentrated Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium (Leaf) Extract with no fillers, excipients or other ingredients. Just natural Crinum Latifolium Extract put into Vegi-Capsules. 

Note: This product does not contain any fillers or excipients such as Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide, Talc, Silica, etc. Capsules are Kosher and Vegetarian (cellulose).
Bottle Size: 60 Capsules
Supply: 2 week supply
Serving Size: 1000 mg. in every 2 Capsules

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The Power of Synergy

Crinum Prostate

Get Well Natural's Crinum Prostate with 100% Authentic Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium is generally taken for at Least 3 - 6 Months at a time combined with Healthy Prostate & Ovary maximum health support. The Medical Doctors and Master Herbalists that developed these products, combined these prostate herbs to be an integral part of any man's prostate health protocol.*

Crinum Latifolium is one of Vietnam's most potent and effective medicinal herbs for supporting prostate and ovarian health. Only the Vietnamese sourced Crinum Latifolium herb was found to provided effective supportive qualities for the prostate. This is why is is known as one of Vietnam's most well kept secrets until recently. Over the past several years, more people around the world are finding out about Crinium Latifolium's effective properties due to several key published studies and articles.

Crinum Latifolium has been traditionally used in Vietnam, for many years for prostate support, immune support, longevity, and as a royalty herb which was commonly referred to as the "Medicine for the King's Palace" and the "Royal Female Herb." Crinum Latifolium leaves grown in China differ from Vietnamese Crinum, and has been used primarily for immune system support in Traditional Chinese Medicine.*

Get Well Natural is the official supplier of Crinum Prostate (100% Vietnamese Crinum Latifolium). Crinum Prostate (100% Crinum Latifolium) Contains No Fillers like Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide, or Talc.

Combine with Healthy Prostate & Ovary
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More Information on Crinum Latifolium Herb:

One of Crinum Latifolium's most unique aspects, is its ability to target and support both prostate and ovarian health. According to a report written by Dr. Robert Rowen, in his Second Opinion newsletter, Dr. Rowen introduced Crinum Latifolium to his subscribers and described its relationship to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or "BPH", and overall Prostate Health. Dr. Robert Rowen stated:

"There are over 500 successful case histories using Crinum for BPH. After seven years of research, the International Hospital in Vietnam reported that 92.6 percent of BPH patients had good results using Crinum (confirmed by measurements of prostate size and clinical evaluations by urologists).1

The doctors used the extract for 21-day cycles, with 7 days off in between. They reported no side effects and no lethal level in animals (meaning incredible safety). One of the patients in the study was a 72year-old man who had suffered from BPH symptoms for 3 years, often waking up 4-5 times per night with difficult urination. He was evaluated at the International Hospital in Vietnam and diagnosed with BPH with prostate dimensions of 4.1, 5.4 and 4.8 cm, with a weight of 53 grams. Previously, he had been advised to have his prostate removed, but because of a hypertensive condition, he tried a Crinum protocol instead. After only three, 21-day cycles of treatment, his prostate dimensions reduced to 2.9, 4.2 and 3.6, with a weight of just 22 grams. All his symptoms resolved and he reported feeling healthy.1  The National Health Committee declared Crinum to be the most promising area of research for the treatment of BPH."

"In another Vietnamese study published in 2002, 158 Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) patients were given a Vietnamese Crinum-based herbal preparation twice daily. After 64 days, patients were evaluated by clinical and ultrasound examinations. Researchers found that prostate size returned normal in 154 patients. They noted an incredible 97% success rate. A three-year follow up confirmed a high rate of long-term success for those patients who completed therapy." 2

"In 2001, a Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation published their findings that aqueous extracts from Vietnamese Crinum latifolium leaves from Vietnam showed in vitro and in vivo T-lymphocyte activation (Tram, et al., 1999) and retarded growth of chemically induced tumors (sarcomas) in rats (Tram et al., 2000)." 3

"In yet another recent report from the Vietnamese Central State News Agency from September 2005, it was reported that Vietnamese "Crinum latifolium extract has a very good therapeutic effect on benign hyperthrophy of prostate (BHP)" based on the National Institute of Traditional Medicine of Ho Chi Minh City, and the Institute of Aging Disorders of Hanoi who tested Crinum in a large number of patients (627 patients) with BHP. The results showed a 33-93% reduction in urinary symptoms. 90% of the tested patients achieved a reduction in prostate size. Among them a significant number of patients achieved a normalization of prostate size and urinary health after three months of therapy. There were no significant adverse reactions noted." 4


  • Crinum latifolium, a promising and highly effective treatment for BPH, health and life. The Journal of Health Ministry of Vietnam, December 20, 2002, N 207.
  • Doan Thu Nhu. Crinum Latifolium in treatment of Benign Hypertrophy of prostate and cancers. Journal of Health and Life of Vietnamese Health Ministry, December 10, 2002, N 148.
  • Nguyen Thi Ngoc Trama, Maya Mitovab. GC-MS of Crinium latifolium L. Alkaloids, Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B. (A Journal of Chemical Sciences). 57c, 239D242 (2002); received October 2/November 29, 2001
  • Crinum latifolium extract has a very good therapeutic effect on benign hyperthrophy of prostate (BHP). Vietnamese central state news agency September 22, 2005

Additional Published Research Using Crinum Latifolium Extract

1) A novel in vitro and in vivo T-lymphocyte activating factor in Crinum latifolium (L.) aqueous extracts. N. T. Tram, E. Zvetkova*, E. Nikolova*, E. Katzarova*, G. Kostov**, I. Yanchev***, O. Baicheva*** EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY AND PARASITOLOGY, 3/1999 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


The antitumour activity of Crinum latifolium (L.) hot aqueous extracts has been used in Vietnamese and Chinese traditional medicine. In this study we report the possibility to enhance in vitro and in vivo cell (nuclear-, nucleolar-) activation - to blast cell proliferation of human and mouse peripheral blood T-lymphocytes by using Vietnamese Crinum latifolium (L.) cold/hot water extracts (decoctions). For this purpose human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from healthy donors were obtained and cultured in supplemented RPMI 1640 containing (3:1) a cold/hot aqueous extract from Crinum latifolium (L.) - Vietnam.

Adherent and nonadherent cells that represent stimulated/effector T-cells were examined cytochemically for DNP, RNP and cationic (basic) proteins and by the immunocytochemical methods for CD3+T-, CD4+T- and CD8+T- cell verification. The results obtained showed that cold/hot water plant extract (decoction) can efficiently stimulate in vitro human T-lymphocytes activating especially cell-mediated immune response of CD4+T lymphocytes (T-helper cells): as early as 24 hours of human PBMCs cultivation in the presence of plant extract, 20% costimulation of T-helper cells (CD4+T-cells) was evaluated. The same water extract/decoction applied in vivo- per os, using healthy Balb/c mice, has the capacity to induce lymphocytosis and a strong lymphocyte activation - to lymphoblasts including, in the peripheral blood of experimental animals. Since some Amaryllidaceae alkaloids like ambelline, 1,2-epoxyambelline, lycorine, lycorine-1-O-D-glucoside etc., have been previously showed as active molecules with cytotoxic and immunostimulative properties, we presume their and other biologically active substances capacity to induce in vitro and in vivo T-lymphocyte activation and blast transformation comparable to the in vitro mitogenic effects of the well known lectin Con A. This could be of practical importance in the field of phytopharmacology - in the treatment of some cases of immunodeficiency as cancer,leukaemias and AIDS.

More Research Using Crinum Latifolium Extract

2) GC-MS OF CRINUM LATIFOLIUM L. ALKALOIDS. Z Naturforsch C. 2002 Mar-Apr;57(3-4):239-42. Tram NT, Mitova M, Bankova V, Handjieva N, Popov SS. Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation, Laboratory for Chemistry and Technology of Natural Substances, Ho Chi Min City.


A GC-MS analysis of underivatized alkaloids from leaves of Crinum latifolium was performed. From the identified 15 alkaloids, 9 were found for the first time in this plant. Almost all alkaloids belonged to the crinane type. Substantial changes in the methylation and oxidation pattern of the alkaloids at and after flowering were observed.


The plants of the genus Crinum (Amaryllidaceae) are used in Asian folk and traditional medicine as rubefacient, tonic and for treatment of allergic disorders and tumor diseases (Ghosal et al., 1985). These activities are attributed to the presence of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids known to possess moderate antitumor and immunostimulating activities (Ghosal, Saini, & Razdan 1985). Aqueous extracts of Crinum latifolium L. leaves are used in Vietnamese folk medicine as an anticancer remedy (Tram et al., 1999). Recently, aqueous extracts from C. latifolium leaves from Vietnam showed in vitro and in vivo T-lymphocyte activation (Tram, et al., 1999) and retarded growth of chemically induced tumors (sarcomas) in rats (Tram et al., 2000).

Till now, the chemical investigations on C. latifolium alkaloids were concentrated mainly on bulbs (Ghosal and Singh, 1986; Ghosal et al., 1984; Ghosal et al., 1983). The present paper deals with the GC-MS analysis of the alkaloid fraction from C. latifolium leaves (water extract). The leaves were investigated at and after flowering, because significant changes in the alkaloid content of C. latifolium during different stages of plant growth have been observed (Ghosal et al., 1985).

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  • 5
    Crinnum Prostate

    Posted by Dr Max Stanley Chartrand on Jan 23rd 2023

    I am a published translational medical researcher and clinician with a half century experience. I can attest that GetWellNatural.coms Crinum Prostate is the best form of pure crinum latifolium in the US market. I have used this product for years. In addition, I believe in the importance for men to also investigate kidney and bladder infections and other related pathologies when dealing with prostate hyperplasia or prostate cancer. In fact, it is pretty doubtful that anyone with serious prostate issues will need only Crinum Latifolium to completely remedy their problem. But getting to causal factors is imperative in any viable program.

  • 5
    Crinium Prostate

    Posted by Don Carlson on Feb 14th 2019

    About twenty years ago I had prostate cancer so I am into Alternative Medciine.

  • 5
    Crinum Prostate

    Posted by DJ on Oct 22nd 2018

    This is a really effective product! I was looking for Increase Flow without any side effects. I am really happy with this product and would recommend it to any Man in need.

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