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Adya Water Filtration - Micro Ceramic Dome Filter

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Adya Water Filtration - Micro Ceramic Dome Filter

The Micro-Ceramic Dome Replacement Water Filter fits in the top tank of the Adya Water Filter.


  • Long-lasting – Replace once every 12 months.
  • Provides 1,000 gallons of clean, great-tasting water.
  • Easy to insert, replace & maintain.

This filter is composed of highly compressed ceramic with an absolute pore size of 0.2 micron in diameter.

This .2 micron ceramic filter which fits in the top chamber of the unit. For example, bacterias size is between 0.5 and 1.0 microns. The ceramic filter lasts approximately 1 to 2 years. The life of the ceramic filter is determined by the quality of your water, amount of water filtered, and the gentleness by which you treat the filter.

Q. How much Water Volume can it filter?
A brand new Adya Filtration System filters 1.3 gallons of water every 2.5 to 4 hours. Filtering times vary because of differences in barometric pressure where the filter is being used. As the filter is used over time, buildup of material can occur during the normal filtration process. It is okay to clean the white dome filter to improve volume as it slows..*

Q. What is the best way to Clean the White Ceramic Dome Filter?
Cleaning instructions: According to the manufacturer, the ideal way to clean the ceramic dome is by spraying it off at the sink on a regular basis between upper tank refills and/or with a soft sponge or non-abrasive pad with no detergent. By doing this it will prolong the filter life and is not uncommon to last 12 months. CAUTION: abrasive materials used to try and clean the dome to the original white color will reduce life dramatically by the eroding the outer wall. Proper cleaning will avoid any buildup of material on the ceramic filter which causes the pores to become clogged, reduces filtration time.*

IMPORTANT NOTE for CA & IOWA Residents from the Adya, the Manufacturer: The Adya Portable Water Filtration Unit and Replacement Filters are not available for residents of California or Iowa due to certain restrictive water treatment registration laws. For more information please reference:" California Residents - ONCE TREATED WE RECOMMEND FILTRATION WITH AN OUTDOOR/RECREATIONAL FILTER"

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