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Lymph Cleanse Herbal

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Effective Lymph Cleanse?*

Eastern Medicine herbs have been used for lymphatic system health support for centuries.*

Lymph Cleanse Herbal is a 100% All-Natural Dietary Herbal Supplement*

Lobelia Chinensis Lobelia Radicans Herb

CONTAINS NO "Beef Bovine Capsules", or Common Fillers such as Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Talc or Silicon Dioxide. The Only Ingredients are Natural Herbs and Kosher/Vegan Vegetarian Capsules*

Eastern Medicine Herbs such as Milk Thistle, Lobelia Chinensis, Mangifera Indica, Arisaema Pulvis, Draconis Sanguis, Corydalis and Myrrh have been used for Centuries for Lymph System Support.*

Are You Interested in Effective Lymph System Cleansing Function &:*

  • Promoting a Clean & Healthy Lymphatic System?*
  • Strong and Efficient Immune System?*
  • Healthy Removal of Lymphatic Waste Material?*
  • Efficient Lymphatic Drainage and Flow?*

Eastern Medicine Practitioners believe that herbs that enhance healthy lymphatic cleansing activities within the body can play a vital role in releasing the stressful challenges of toxicity and rejuvenate the lymph system.* In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), herbs play an essential role in any lymph cleanse or detoxification protocol.*

The Importance of the Lymphatic SystemHappy Couple

Due to the importance of the lymphatic system in terms of keeping us healthy, many doctors consider it the key to a healthy immune system. The lymphatic system helps every organ and cell in the body by helping to remove toxic waste. If the lymph system is cleansed and supported, it can better support the body.*


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Get Well Natural's Lymph Cleanse Herbal

Lymph Cleanse Herbal Supplement

Get Well Natural, LLC's Lymph Cleanse Herbal is a unique and proprietary herbal formula designed with key ingredients known for their specific Lymphatic Supportive health properties. The inventors (Medical Doctors and Herbalists) of this Lymph Cleanse Herbal formula believe that a body that is free of excessive toxins is much better able to maintain a "chronic-disease-free" state, while experiencing healthy immune function, blood regeneration, healthy energy, healthy skin, healthy joints, healthy cells and longevity.*

The developing doctors believe that certain imbalances in the body are associated with lymphatic dysfunction. Through years of private practice, they discovered a combination of herbal ingredients that best supports the body mechanisms involved with maintaining Healthy Lymph Drainage & Lymphatic System Function.*

QUESTION about Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): I have heard that Alpha Lipoic Acid can be taken as a part of a healthy lymphatic program. What are your thoughts on the best way to take Alpha Lipoic Acid?

ANSWER: Here are 2 important things to know about Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) when taken as part of any health program:

1. Alpha "R"- Lipoic Acid is the only "all-natural" form of Alpha Lipoic acid (ALA). Most Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements in the marketplace contain less expensive, Synthetic Alpha "S" Lipoic Acid in their ALA products. It is important to know that the natural Alpha "R" Lipoic Acid form is the one that contains 100% of the strong, biologically active and antioxidant-enhancing properties that are important for cellular health. If you do not see the letter "R" in the label, there is a good chance that it contains synthetic ALA and is not an ingredient that Get Well Natural recommends taking.*

2. Alpha Lipoic Acid does not work well in the human body when taken on an empty stomach and can cause stomach upset when take on an empty stomach so Alpha Lipoic Acid should be taken with food unless recommended by a healthcare provider.*

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Lymph Cleanse Herbal - Herbs & Product Information

Lymph Cleanse Herbal contains a proprietary potent blend of the following Eastern Medicine herbs: Milk Thistle, Lobelia Chinensis, Mangifera Indica, Arisaema Pulvis, Draconis Sanguis, Corydalis, Myrrh.

Suggested Usage: As a Dietary Supplement, take 3 Capsules twice daily on an empty stomach with water 30 minutes before meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Product Ingredients: Lymph Cleanse Herbal Contains 7 herbs: Milk Thistle, Lobelia Chinensis, Mangifera Indica, Arisaema Pulvis, Draconis Sanguis, Corydalis and Myrrh.
Count: 90 Vegetarian Capsules
Servings: 30 Servings
Herb Net Weight Per Capsule: 500 mg

Lymph Cleanse Herbal Herbs Milk Thistle Silybum Marianum Herbal Supplement Ingredient Lobelia Chinensis Herbal Supplement Ingredient Mangifera Indica Mango Herbal Supplement Ingredient Arisaema Pulvis Herbal Supplement Ingredient Draconis Sanguis Herbal Supplement Ingredient Corydalis Herbal Supplement Ingredient Myrrh Commiphora Myrrha Herbal Supplement Ingredient

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Common Questions and Answers regarding Lymphatic System Health Lymph System Graphic

What are some of the known benefits of a Healthy Lymphatic System, Normalized Lymphatic Drainage, & Lymph Cleanses?

  • Stimulates and Cleanses the Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas, Joints, Thyroid and Urinary Tract*
  • Improves Immune Efficiency & Overall Digestion*
  • Helps the body rid itself of toxins*
  • Cleans and Rejuvenates blood cells such as White Blood Cells, Platelets, & Red Blood Cells*
  • Helps the body fight disease Naturally*

Lymph Cleansing is often associated with terms such as: Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphatic System, Lymph Cleanse, Lymph Drainage, Lymph clearing, Lymph Tissue, Lymph Ducts, Lymphatic Fluid.*

What are common problems associated with poor lymphatic drainage, lymph cleansing efficiency, or lymphatic system dysfunction? Swollen lymph nodes, constipation, cellular mutations, body toxicity, skin problems, headaches, sinus infections, high cholesterol, fatigue, and an inefficient and weak immune system.*

Question: Who can benefit from a Lymph Cleanse?

Answer: Almost Everyone! Over time, wastes naturally build up in the body from things ingested or inhaled. Common waste/toxins that are stored in the body's organs, tissue & cells may include, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, prescription and non prescription medicines/drugs, undigested food particles, dead cells, and other microbes and undesirable substances.*

As a person ages, there is an even greater chance that levels of waste material in the body will continue to increase over one's lifetime. An individual's body can literally become a cesspool of toxic waste. The body's lymphatic system, which uses a clear fluid called lymph to move toxic waste through the lymphatic vessels, can become unable to process and remove all the waste products in the same way that a sewer system backs up when the amount of waste overloads the capacity of that sewer line.*

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Lymphatic System Immune System Diagram

What is the Lymphatic System?

The Lymphatic System (Lymph System) is a network of lymph nodes, lymph vessels, lymph ducts and organs that filter unwanted toxins, produce Lymph (fluid), and transports lymph from cells/tissues to the bloodstream, and then on to the colon and kidney for processing. The Lymph System if found throughout the body and functions much like a "sewer system".*

When a person eats food, the body digest the food and then sends those nutrients to every cell in the body. As the body's cells utilize these nutrients, some waste material is created by the cells. The body must remove these waste products and that is where the Lymph System comes in. As these waste materials build up in the lymph system, it can become congested or blocked up. When the lymph system becomes blocked, a person may experience symptoms ranging from frequent colds or infections, joint pain, or it can lead to more serious diseases over time.*

The lymph system is an important part of the immune system and it is crucial that it functions efficiently in order to guarantee that wastes continues to flush out of the body. Otherwise chronic disease and illness of various types may result.*


Why Do you Need to Cleanse the Lymph System? Armpit Lymph Glands

The over abundance of waste/toxic material in the body, can cause an obstruction/clogging within the lymph nodes and lead to a decrease in the body's ability to remove waste products efficiently. This can happen whenever the body's toxic load becomes higher from things like over toxicity or during an illness because of all the toxic mucous from harmful pathogens. Toxic mucous and other waste material can hinder the lymphatic function and actually decrease the body's capability to resist disease.*

The lymph system needs cleaning in the same way that water and sewer pipes in your house acquire build up on the insides of the pipe walls over time. When the buildup becomes too much, the system can become clogged. Toxic mucous and other wastes build up in the lymph system and hinder its function.  Common lymph node blockages are occasionally felt as lumps under the skin of the armpits.*

When the Lymph System performs its cleansing duties, it helps the body cleanse every organ and system.*

How Can a Person Naturally Support their Lymph System?

There are many ways to naturally support a healthy Lymph System. Eastern Medicine Practitioners have used natural methods for centuries to promote healthy lymphatic function. Methods applied include acupuncture, dietary changes, lymphatic massage, rebounding, adequate amounts of clean water, detoxification protocols, eating organic foods, herbal combinations and other dietary supplements. Practitioners believe that the lymph system can be naturally stimulated to release its wastes in an efficient and gentle way.*

The standard goal of any Lymph Cleanse is to provide the body with the support it needs. Common dietary supplements often discussed regarding a Lymph Cleanse include the Detox Kit, Lymph Cleanse Herbal, PH Cell Balancer, as well as the 24/7 Basic Stirwand. Glutathione Lipoceutical is often used for at least the first month to provide additional detox support to the body.*

Common lifestyle and dietary ideas (speak to your doctor or nutritionist first) often discussed as an important part of any "Lymph Cleanse" can include any or all of the following:*

  • Drink 8 glasses of "non-cold" filtered (and mineralized) water daily.*
  • Eliminate nutritionally deficient beverages like coffee, alcohol, soda, and work you're your doctor to eliminate the ingestion of all non-essential drugs.*
  • Safe and moderate exercise 4-5 times per week*
  • Breathing exercises, stress reduction, detoxification, and small amounts of sun exposure*
  • Elimination of any food that one may be allergic or sensitive too since these foods may not digest correctly and thus cause problems for the lymph system. Common allergens can include peanuts, wheat (gluten), soy, corn, dairy, food additives and preservatives.*
  • Eat organic foods free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and GMO (genetically modified organisms) substances.*
  • Antioxidant organic foods such as cantaloupe, blueberries, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, peppers and kale can be a good source of vitamins and help with free radicals due to their antioxidant properties.*
  • Eliminate processed and refined foods such as boxed and canned foods, pastas, white sugar, corn syrup, white bread, fast foods. Eliminate foods high in trans fatty acids such as fast foods, French fries, donuts, cookies, cakes, margarine, and so many other foods (look for trans fatty acids in product labels).*
  • Eat healthy vegetables such as brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage contain healthy phytonutrients as well as eat healthy oils such as extra virgin coconut oil for cooking or extra virgin olive oil for non cooking uses.*
  • Eliminate being around areas with air pollution (indoors or outdoors) and eliminate the use of tobacco.*
  • Get adequate sleep every night. The immune system repairs when you sleep.*

Common warnings for anyone considering a Detoxification Program or Lymphatic System Cleanse:

  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race. While doing a Lymph Cleanse, some people try and clean out their body faster than their bodies will allow. This can cause the body to actually become inefficient in terms of toxic release. The expression "Slow and Steady Wins the Race" applies perfectly to someone on a "Detox" like a "Lymph Cleanse" since a slow and consistent program, although progress may be slower, may actually be more beneficial in the long run, versus being hasty or careless by trying to detoxify too quickly.*
  • While doing gentle jumping up and down on a trampoline (rebounding) or doing gentle jump rope for 5 minutes a day is generally recognized as being perfect for the lymph system, it is important to speak to your primary healthcare provider first before beginning any of these activities or exercise. For some people, they may have to choose another form of rebounding such as a chair rebounder or a trampoline with stabilizing arm bars to hold onto in order to not hurt oneself.*
  • Most Antiperspirants contain aluminum. These products can block sweat glands and may create a buildup of toxins in your body and congest your lymph system.*

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