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Blood Sugar Glucose Support Kit (2 Metabo Well, 1 Berberine, 1 Magnesium Citrate)

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Concerned about high blood sugar, insulin resistance and diabetes?

Eastern Medicine herbs may offer vital support for healthy blood sugar glucose metabolism and insulin function. *

Blood Sugar Glucose Support Kit

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$201.40 2 Months 2 Kits Save 5% More
$270.30 3 Months 3 Kits Save 15% More
$508.00 6 Months 6 Kits Save 20% More

Maximum Support for those concerned with achieving healthy blood sugar glucose metabolism. *

The Blood Sugar Glucose Support Kit Contains the following (one month supply):


Suggested Usage: Take Magnesium Citrate with food as directed on the label. Take all other products at the same time, as directed on the label, on an empty stomach (30-60 minutes before meals or 2-4 hours after a meal) or as directed by a healthcare provider.

These natural dietary supplements can be taken daily to support healthy blood sugar and glucose function. *

Want the most effective support for healthy glucose sugar function? *
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Blood Sugar Glucose Support Kit Products & Ingredients

Contains the following:

Metabo Well (2 bottles - 90 Capsules)

Metabo Well Metabo Well contains a proprietary potent blend of 6 Chinese herbs:


Metabo Well Herbs Lycium Fruit Herb Morinda Citrifolia Noni Fruit Herb Dioscorea Chinese Yam Cinnamon Plant Cornus Pueraria Root

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Berberine (1 bottle - 60 Capsules)

Berberine Dietary Supplement

Get Well Natural's Berberine contains 100% berberine. Berberine, an alkaloid, is found in various plants, including goldenseal, phellodendron bark, Oregon grape and barberry. *

Berberine Offers Health Support for:

  • Healthy Glucose Sugar *
  • Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels *
  • Cholesterol Health *
  • Healthy Bacterial and Intestinal Parasite Levels *
  • Intestinal Yeast Imbalance (Candidiasis) *


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Magnesium Citrate (1 bottle - 90 Capsules)

magnesium-citrate-90-caps-pure-encapsultations.jpgMagnesium Citrate contains 150 mg of 100% absorbable magnesium citrate.

Magnesium Citrate Offers Nutritional Support for:

  • Healthy Heart Rhythm & Function *
  • Maintaining a Healthy Cardiovascular System *
  • Promoting Restful Sleep and Calming *
  • Healthy Relaxation of Muscles *
  • Stress Management Health *
  • Improved Digestive Health *
  • Healthy Metabolism *
  • Natural Calming of the Mind *

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