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Hepa Kit (1 Liver Well, 1 Not So Well I)

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Herbal Hepatic Liver Health Support?*

Eastern Medicine herbs may offer vital hepatic health support a healthy liver can use.*

Hepatic (Liver) Health Support Herbs*

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$67.85 2 Weeks 1 Kit You save $4.05 (5% off)
$129.42 1 Month 2 Kits You save $14.38 (10% off)
$183.35 1 1/2 Months 3 Kits You save $32.35 (15% off)
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Get Well Natural's Hepa Kit for Liver Health Support and DetoxificationLooking for a Natural Liver Cleanse Detox? Herbal Liver Cleanse? Interested in a Liver Cleanse Diet?

Hepa Kit Offers Healthy Liver Support For:

  • Normal Liver & Immune Function*
  • Liver Micro circulation Health*
  • Healthy Fibrotic Activity*
  • Healthy Viral Response*
  • Healthy Inflammation - Free Liver*

Hepa Kit consists of one bottle of Liver Well and one bottle of Not So Well 1. This synergistic Kit offers maximum health support for a healthy Hepatic (liver) system and a healthy viral count.*

Since unhealthy liver function can lead to conditions such as cirrhosis, hepatitis A (HAV), Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV), an approach that focuses on supporting and promoting liver health can be helpful to maintaining an overall healthy body.*

Hepa Kit Products and Ingredients

Liver Well - 100 Capsules (500 mg)

Liver Well Liver CleanseLiver Well Healthy Liver Function & Cleansing Herbs Offering Doctor Recommended Health Support For:*

  • Healthy Liver Cleanse*
  • Healthy Liver Function*
  • Hepatic Imbalances or Dysfunction*
  • Maintaining Healthy Liver Tissue*
  • Liver Detoxification Health*

Liver-Well contains a superior, unique formula of select ingredients designed to provide maximum health support for liver protection, anti-fibrotic activity, immune stimulation, liver micro-circulation and cleansing enhancement, as well as bile secretion.*

The foundation of this natural herbal approach is based on the best knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Indian folk medicine, and Vietnamese naturopathy. This multiple health approach has led to the development of highly beneficial supplement for those looking to promote and maintain healthy liver function.*


Liver Well Ingredients

Liver Well contains 100 Capsules (500mg) formulated with the potent combination of:

Liver Well Herbal Supplement Herbs Angelica Sinensis Radix Patrinia Villosa Phyllanthus Schizandra Schisandra Fruit Wu Wei Zi Eclipta

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Not-So-Well I - 90 Vegi Caps (500 mg)

Not So Well INot So Well IHealthy Immune System & Body Defenses Offering Health Support For:*

  • Improved Healthy Seasonal Support*
  • Healthy Immune System and Body Defenses*
  • Promoting General Health & Wellness*
  • Viral Free Health*

Not So Well 1 contains herbal extracts developed, tested, and clinically implemented to support the body's natural health mechanisms to overcome the negative effects brought upon by the common cold, flu and certain viral infections.*

Perfect to take throughout the year, we have found this product to be an inexpensive and natural way to offer healthy support throughout the year.*


Not-So-Well 1 Ingredients

Not So Well 1 contains 90 Vegetarian Capsules (500mg) formulated with the potent combination of:

Not So Well 1 Herbal Supplement Herbs Angelica Sinensis Radix Andrographis Paniculata Astragalus Membranaceus Root Lonicera Flower


Over the years I have used many of Get Well's products to support my body's health. According to my western doctors, who are all great as well, they keep telling me "whatever you are doing, just keep doing it". Unfortunately, most are too busy to investigate herbs in general, nor do they understand them. Thanks again to everyone at Get Well Natural.*
- - Douglas, San Diego, CA


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Suggested Usage for Both Products

Get Well Natural's Hepa Kit for Liver Health Support and Detoxification

Hepa Kit Suggested Usage:

As Dietary Supplements, take 2-3 capsules of Liver Well & 3 capsules of Not-So Well 1 twice daily on an empty stomach, or as directed by a health care practitioner.

The Hepa Kit includes one each of Liver Well & Not-So-Well 1, (about a 15 day supply).



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