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Cataract with Cineraria Eye Homeopathic Pellets 1 oz N21042

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Cataract Eye Pellets with Cineraria 1 oz (600 Pellets)| Natural Ophthalmics Homeopathic


According to homeopathic principles, this is indicated to halt, slow the progression or reverse ocular cataract. The homeopathic oral pellets trigger the transfer of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to the aqueous, which both nourishes and detoxifies the living tissue of the crystalline lens. The same ingredients as the eye drops, but one potency higher. Cineraria maritima has successfully been used homeopathically for over one hundred years to safely and effectively treat cataract. It is a treatment of choice in Europe, India and South America. Natural Ophthalmics has improved it by converting it to a 5x homeopathic potency and including six other proven homeopathic ingredients.*


Homeopathic Ingredients: (HPUS) Contains equal parts: Calc. fluor. 12x; Calc. phos. 12x; Causticum 7x; cineraria maritima 6x; Euphrasia 7x; Sepia 7x; Silicea 13x. Inactive Ingredients: Organic Sucrose.

Treatment strategy*

There are no blood vessels to the crystalline lens and the lens is comprised of living cells which need oxygen, nutrition, detoxification and anti-oxidation. Our treatment strategy is to stimulate and support the body's tissues, organs and functions which keep the lens healthy. Homeopathic Cineraria is a safe lymphagogue and gently triggers the body's mechanisms to maintain a clear crystalline lens. The "Total Ocular Function Spray" provides important nutrients and powerful antioxidants for the lens (see below). Surgery may be delayed or eliminated.*


Dissolve three pellets under tongue three times per day or as directed by doctor rx.*


For oral use only. If you experience eye pain‚ changes in vision‚ continued redness or irritation of the eye‚ or if the condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours‚ discontinue use and consult a doctor.  Pregnant or nursing women should consult their doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children.*

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