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General Health Support Tips * Nutritional & Herbal *

Posted by Dave Leong on Apr 11th 2010

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General Health Support Tips * Nutritional & Herbal *

Looking Ahead

Dr. Graeme Shaw

We're about a month into the New Year and many people have left their resolutions behind. What happens to make us so hopeful and proactive one week and defeated the next? The stressors of life are great, but that's no reason to give up on becoming a happier, healthier person. Here's some inspiration and tips to get you back on the road to personal success in 2010.


Don't let Poor Indoor Air Quality Rain on Your Parade

Child Looking Outside In the Rain Winter weather forces many of us to spend more time indoors. While curling up by the fire and watching movies sounds cozy, it may surprise you to know how unhealthy indoor air can be. On average, we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, 65 percent of which is in our own home. In fact, indoor air is often more polluted than the air outdoors because it is filled with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as bio-effluents, smoke, building materials, paints, cooking odors and cleaning supplies. Here's a closer look at "how indoor air pollution works." Check out the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) "Inside Story" on indoor air quality (IAQ) for more information about the risks. The EPA also gives three basic strategies to people looking for ways to improve IAQ in their home. One of those suggestions involves increasing ventilation, which helps when you have an energy-saving, in-home IAQ monitor with demand-controlled ventilation. For more information about the importance of VOC detection and real-life examples of how IAQ sensors have succeeded in facilities, take a look at how one company is advancing IAQ sensor technology.

Set Sail without Getting Sick

Cruise ShipFor those of you looking to get a bit more fresh air this winter, a cruise might be a good option. Before you book your voyage, make sure you check out the official health score of your cruise line. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Vessel Sanitation Program works with the cruise ship industry to prevent and control the spread of gastrointestinal illnesses on cruise ships. A list of the most recent inspection scores can be found at Here are some tips for staying healthy on your cruise:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • If you get sick:
    • ...before the cruise, consult a doctor to find out whether it is safe for you to sail. If the advice is to stay home, ask the cruise line if there are alternate voyage dates, credits, etc.
    • ...after the cruise, report your illness to the ship's medical facility and follow their recommendations
  • While on the cruise, pay attention to the cleanliness of the food service and avoid eating or drinking anything you think could make you ill.

Courtesy of CDC's Vessel Sanitation Program

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Wreckage With the recent earthquake in Haiti on everyone's minds, disaster preparedness is getting more attention. Did you know that being in better physical shape could help improve your chances of surviving a rough or dangerous situation? For example, after an earthquake or natural disaster, having the strength to lift yourself out from under the rubble or run quickly out of a collapsing building could spare you from injury or death. Plus you'll be in better shape to help others. Here's how to work your way to better health and physical fitness:

  • Start going for walks before work or after dinner
  • Prepare healthy meals like pear cobbler oatmeal or lentil chili
  • Try yoga or Pilates for a gentle workout that really tones and stretches your muscles
  • Invest in a good juicer to easily get your daily recommended fruits and veggies
  • Take a disaster preparedness class, especially for events or natural disasters that may be common in your area
  • Have an extra supply of Get Well Natural supplements on hand to ensure that your immune system is naturally supported*

Haiti needs your help! A simple text message contributes $10 to the Red Cross relief effort, billed to your cell phone bill. Here's how to contribute:

  1. Text the word HAITI to 90999 to give $10.
  2. When prompted, reply with YES to confirm your one-time gift.
  3. The $10 one-time donation will appear on your next mobile bill
  4. Receipts can be printed at
To make a larger donation to the Red Cross rescue efforts in Haiti, please visit or for a comprehensive list of all donating organizations and their specific missions.

Dietary Supplements to Support Overall Health:*

If you're considering stocking up on Get Well Natural products, our recommendations are below. Besides being better prepared, we can help you keep your New Years' resolution to become physically fit with products to support energy, longevity, vitality and overall health:*

Magnesium Citrate
Magnesium Citrate This dietary mineral supplement may be one of the most important nutrients to support the maintenance of healthy biological functions, including the production and transfer of cellular energy, muscle relaxation and contraction and the maintenance of vascular tone. With no fillers or binders, Get Well Natural's form of magnesium is easily absorbed by the body.*
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Cordyceps Sinensis
Cordyceps Sinensis Cordyceps has been used for thousands of years in China to help support body strength as well as a healthy immunity, lung function, and energy. It was virtually unknown to the Western world until it was found to be a dietary supplement used by the 1993 record-breaking Olympic Chinese women's track team. Get Well Natural's Cordyceps Sinensis may promote healthy cellular energy and immune health, as well as support healthy adrenal activity and function.*
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CoQ10 Ubiquinol
UBQH CoQ10 Ubiquinol UBQH's patented, active, stable and highly absorbable CoQ10 may support improved heart and circulation health, cellular energy and cellular health, energy and stamina and a healthy aging process. Because this is the most active form of C0Q10, it allows for up to eight times the absorption.*
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Not sure that Get Well Natural's products are right for you? There's no risk with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our products, we'll give you a refund. For details, read our return policy .

What Our Customers Are Saying:
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- - With Respect, William Shear, Ohio

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