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Spring is Here & So Are Allergies!

Posted by Dave Leong on Nov 29th 2013

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Spring is Here & So Are Allergies!

So what can a person do to better support their body during this time of year?

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Dear Reader,

Hello and Happy Spring! Spring is a time of rejuvenation and rebirth in nature, and here at Get Well Natural we believe our bodies naturally feel more energetic as we look forward to spending more time outdoors. Spring, unfortunately, is also a time when allergens are on the rise. Based on Eastern Medicine philosophies, allergies and other conditions are caused by certain imbalances in a person's organ energy and/or the body's energy systems also known as qi or chi (pronounced "chee").

Aller Well

The herbal formulation in Aller Well has been used for many years by Doctors and herbalists in Vietnam for their patients looking to improve their body's natural ability to react to allergens. They believe the body can react in a healthy, "non-allergic" way, rather than with an allergic response.

Not 'Treating' or 'Preventing'

The formulation in Aller Well was not created to focus on treating or preventing the symptoms of allergies. These Doctors developed Aller Well with an understanding that a goal for allergy sufferers should be one that focuses on restoring the body's energy balance, so that a person's body does not react to allergens in the first place. Aller Well has no decongestants, hormones, antihistamines, or any other synthetic chemical or compound. It is simply a natural supplement that can be used daily to provide balanced support for those interested in achieving a healthy allergenic response.*

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What other steps can people take to support a healthy allergic response?

1. Detoxification can be an important tool in improving an individual's allergic response. When a body is toxic, the body can experience a higher level of sensitivity to any substance whether that substance is a known allergen or a common food / natural substance. Detoxification protocols can be simple, and include things like drinking adequate amounts of water, adequate and safe forms of exercise, and/or removing chemicals from the home that often come in the form of perfumes, detergents, dyes, paints, etc.*

Many Get Well Natural customers enjoy taking the Detox Kit (Cell Saver & Super Z-Lite) each year for a period of at least 3 months. They tell us how easy it is to take and how well it works. Glutathione Lipoceutical is often taken for at least the first month along with the Detox Kit to support healthy glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is a crucial amino acid that the liver uses to support the excretion of toxins from the body. When levels are low, the body can become inefficient at excreting toxins.*

2. Allergies can often start at home. Along with usual spring cleaning here are some tips to keep allergens around the house to a minimum:*

  • Use hypoallergenic covers for mattresses and pillows.
  • Avoid feather pillows and down comforters.
  • If your pet sleeps in the same bed as a person with allergies, ensure that the pet sleeps on something that can easily be laundered to keep dander to a minimum.
  • Wood floors are better than carpets since they are far easier to clean.
  • A good Hepa and VOC type air filter can keep the air inside your house healthy - for more information on air filters please click on this link for the IQAir Health Pro Plus air/gas filter.
  • For those with environmental allergies, websites such as provide valuable information about local pollen counts.

3. Stress Reduction. April is Stress awareness month, which was started by the Health Resource Network. Stress awareness month is a good opportunity for each of us to look at our lives, determine the major sources of stress, and subsequently find ways to deal with stress in a healthy way.

Environmental & Emotional Stress

In addition to potential physical stressors like chemical toxins, injury, pathogenic substances, GMO food/ingredients or pollution, emotional stress, and how it affects the body, is important to become aware of. Both physical and emotional stress can cause body and organ imbalance in Eastern Medicine. Herbs like the ones found in the Calm Ezz formula have been used by Doctors in Asia for centuries to support the body's natural ability to manage stress. Other methods of supporting the body's natural processes in regards to emotional stress can include any form of exercise like walking, running, biking, yoga, tai chi, etc. Meditation and methods such as EFT (emotional freedom technique) are powerful tools that may also support a healthy response to stress.

We hope you have found this information useful and we wish you a "Stress-Reduced" & "Allergy-Free" spring and summer.

To your health!

Your Get Well Natural Team


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