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Natural Stress Management with Lifestyle Changes & Eastern Herbs *

Posted by Dave Leong on Apr 30th 2008

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Natural Stress Management with Lifestyle Changes & Eastern Herbs *

Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

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With so much to do and so little time, the holidays can be stressful. The good news is that these tough economic times will probably mean shorter lines at the stores. The bad news is that tight finances can add to stress. In fact, many studies have found that it's the material aspect of the holidays that causes the most stress. Buying gifts that will take months to pay off turns the joy of giving into the stress of being in debt. Socializing with relatives is another stressful aspect of the holidays, especially if you have to travel. Unfortunately, most of us can't escape the extra responsibilities and commitments of the season. We simply have to learn how to cope.*

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Reducing Stress - an Eastern Medicine Point of View

Some of the manifestations of stress include fatigue, insomnia, sugar and salt cravings, appetite changes, depression, anxiety, light headedness, immune system dysfunction and viral infections, fluid retention and weight gain, irritability, and difficulty multi-tasking or handling sudden surprises. But it is not the stress, as much as it is our response to the stress, which causes us to have physical and mental ill health. Click here to read Dr. Graeme Shaw's fascinating article on the many nutritional substances in our diet and in supplement form that can curb our reaction to stress.*

Stress-Health Supporting Herbal Supplements

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, practitioners believe that stress reduction can be achieved when the body and mind naturally returns to a state of healthy balance and harmony. To achieve this, TCM practitioners recommend a healthy diet and exercise as well as adding natural substances like lots of water, detoxification nutrients and effective herbal supplements. Get Well Natural offers several products that can help you support your healthy stress management program:

Calm Ezz

Calm Ezz is designed to promote healthy emotional balance, healthy stress resistance and natural relaxation. Three key herbs, including ziziphus spinosa, could help you maintain balance in the midst of anxiety and stressful situations, plus provide inward support for those at risk for restlessness and irritability.*

Calm Well

Calm Well aims to support the healing harmony between the mind and body. This herbal dietary supplement combines five key ingredients, including poria cocos and ganoderma, which blend together to support cellular energy, revitalize neurotransmitter and membrane function, and the healthy release of emotionally depressive feelings.*

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate capsules are a mineral dietary supplement that may support improved healthy stress management mechanisms within your body, as well as promote natural relaxation and tranquility of your mind. Magnesium citrate may also help you maintain a healthy cardiovascular and digestive system.*

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Massage your stress away

How do you make time for yourself? If you know you're going to be out shopping all day, why not schedule a massage as your last stop. According to the MayoClinic, the relaxing feeling that occurs when receiving a massage counters the anxiety that has infiltrated the body's system. Besides being physically relaxing, Revolution Health notes that massage may also cause the body to produce fewer stress hormones and may also increase the body's production of painkilling endorphins and the mood-altering hormone serotonin.*

More tips for reducing stress

One way to reduce stress is to concentrate on the simple pleasures. Make cookies from pre-made dough and give them to your friends. Walk around the neighborhood to admire the holiday decorations. Go outside and make snow angels (or go to the beach and make sand angels). Above all, Mental Health America advises:

  • Keep expectations manageable*
  • Be realistic about what you can and cannot do*
  • Don't put the entire focus on just one day*

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