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Mind Body Connection * Are Your Emotions Making You Sick? *

Posted by Dave Leong on Jun 1st 2010

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Mind Body Connection * Are Your Emotions Making You Sick? *

Are Emotions Raining On Your Parade?

We're well into the spring season and you've probably noticed blooming flowers, vibrant green trees and warm breezes. Chances are you've also endured some gray skies and a few scattered showers. Much like our emotions, spring holds a variety of weather forecasts – some decidedly more "cheery" than others. But did you know that our emotions affect our physical condition? Could your sadness develop into headaches, or your anxiety give rise to an infection? With the help of Get Well Natural's tips and herbal supplements, you'll be well on your way to understanding your mind/body connection.*

What is the Mind/Body Connection?

Psychosomatic conditions are described by the Guide as involving both the mind and the body. A psychosomatic illness develops into physical symptoms, but originates from emotional stress or damaging thought patterns like consistent sadness or anxiety. Some people disregard the credibility of psychosomatic illnesses because they believe the condition is imaginary; however, once the physical symptoms present themselves, they are real and should be treated as any other illness. Mayo Clinic notes that stressful emotions, like insecurity, anger and burnout, can be the root cause of many physical conditions, such as headaches, back pain, chest pain, heart disease, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, stomach upset, sleep problems and overall decreased immunity.

Psychosomatic Disease: An Eastern Medicine Point of View

Dr. Graeme ShawJust as every crime mystery has a perpetrator, every disease has a cause. The closer you get to identifying the cause of disease, the more effective the treatment. One axiom Dr. Graeme Shaw follows is that, "the further away the target of our treatment is from the actual cause of the disease, the more difficult and stronger the treatment must be in order to be effective. And the corollary is that the closer the treatment is to the cause, the easier it can be to create an effective treatment." In his fascinating article Psychosomatic Disease: the Mind/Body Connection,Dr. Shaw reviews recent research confirming that state-of-mind has an effect on physical health, and how overall healing comes from self awareness.*

A Variety of Meditations to Suit Your Needs

Dr. Graeme ShawMayo Clinic notes that there is a growing body of scientific research to support the positive effects meditation may have on conditions such as allergies, anxiety disorders, asthma, cancer, depression, fatigue, heart disease and high blood pressure. Don't consider yourself the "meditative type?" As long as your goal is inner peace, you can develop your own tranquil method to put yourself on the path to health. Mayo Clinic also gives several meditation and relaxation techniques:

  • Guided Meditation (sometimes called guided imagery or visualization)  – Use the senses to form mental images of places or situations you find relaxing
  • Mantra Meditation – Silently repeat a calming word, thought or phrase to prevent distracting thoughts
  • Mindfulness Meditation – Encourage increased awareness and acceptance of living in the present moment
  • Qi Gong – Combine meditation, relaxation, physical movement and breathing exercises to restore and maintain balance
  • Tai Chi (a form of gentle Chinese martial arts) – Perform a self-paced and graceful series of postures or movements
Yoga – Practice postures and controlled breathing exercises to achieve a more flexible body and calm mind*

Nourish Your Whole Self

Food has long been a symbol of camaraderie and fulfillment. Rather than stocking up your grocery cart with the convenient, processed items that line store shelves, prepare wholesome meals with your family or friends as a way to uplift your mood and bring on a positive attitude. Swap funny stories while in the kitchen or plan a movie night after you eat. When cooking, use aromatic herbs in place of excess salt and try adding more colorful vegetables to your plate. Here are some healthy, delicious recipes that will have you in a better mood by dinner:*

Do you have any mouth-watering recipes to share? Visit our Facebook Page or Twitter (@GetWellNatural) and leave us a comment or send us a message. We'd love to hear from you!

Dietary Supplements to Support Psychosomatic Health *

At Get Well Natural, we want to help you support your mind and body naturally. These herbal formulas may help you achieve the balance you need:*

Calm Ezz
This natural dietary supplement promotes healthy emotional balance, healthy stress resistance and natural relaxation. Unlike prescription drugs – with their associated side effects – that are prescribed for conditions that may have originated with stress, Calm Ezz helps to support and maintain a healthy, stress-free emotional state of mind..*
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Dandelion Root (Taraxacum)
Our Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale) is a high-quality, concentrated extract that delivers effective support for healthy emotional balance, relaxation, healthy liver and blood, body detoxification and digestive regularity. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ranks the Dandelion as one of the top ten herbs in the Chinese Medicinal collection. Considered a primary herb, it's been used for centuries to safely support the body's ability to purify the blood and flush both physical and emotional toxins out of the body through the liver and kidneys.*
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Cardio Well Classic
Poor heart function can lead to congestive heart failure, arteriosclerosis, abnormal heart enlargement, cardiomyopathy, and in some cases, resistant hypertension. For maximum health support over time, Cardio Well "Classic" can be taken for months at a time as a daily supplement to support continual health and longevity. Our Cardio Well Classic contains a perfectly balanced combination of herbal ingredients exclusively formulated to support healthy heart and cardiovascular function.*
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Calm Well
This natural herbal supplement promotes the balance of a healthy mind and body communication. When in balance, the body can restore cellular energy while also promoting improved neurotransmitter health and membrane function. This improved function may better support those with symptoms of depression, irritability, moodiness, insomnia and excessive thoughts.*
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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