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EMFs and Why We Do Not Want Wifi in Our Home

Posted by Dave Leong on Aug 31st 2012

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EMFs and Why We Do Not Want Wifi in Our Home

Dr. Rowen Second Opinion Health Alert

There was recently a great article on the effect of WiFi on men and how radio waves could be detrimental to male health in Dr. Robert Rowen’s Second Opinion Health Alert.

According to the article:

"Researchers collected semen samples from 29 healthy men in Argentina. They exposed the samples to Wi-Fi radiation from an Internet connected laptop. After four hours, 25% of the sperm cells were no longer swimming, compared to 14% in controls. Worse, the researchers found more DNA damage in the Wi-Fi sperm than sperm they didn’t expose. The authors concluded that proximity of a laptop to testicles might decrease male fertility. Of course, the opposing side said that this is not a real life case, since the sperm had been removed from the body before exposure."

This seems pretty compelling. Are the effects real? Dr. Rowen goes on to say:

"Hello? Is anyone in government with a brain listening? Here is evidence that exposure to something invisible, and relatively low energy can damage DNA. It’s not even so much the energy. A hot water bottle contains more energy. It’s the frequency of the radiation. DNA vibrates (frequency). Adding foreign frequency to natural oscillations of DNA is bound to alter its function."

Read the whole article by clicking here.


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