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Eat Your Way to Better Health

Posted by Dave Leong on Sep 13th 2011

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Eat Your Way to Better Health

Farmers Market Summer is here and farmers' markets are packed with row after row of fresh fruits and veggies. There's nothing quite like biting into a ripe, nectar-sweet peach or crisp strips of rainbow bell peppers. But with fast food and frozen lunches so conveniently available, it's easy to bypass the foods that we really need to thrive. At Get Well Natural, we opt to follow the wise words of Michael Pollan: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Read on for some useful tips about how you can use food to support your body's natural ability to fight disease and stay healthy.*


A Possible Missing Link for Achieving the Elusive Centenarian Status*

Dr. Graeme ShawCould your chosen nutritional health programs and dietary choices be missing a key component for sustained health and longevity? Understanding that we all have unique dietary needs and metabolic rates can be very useful when selecting the right nutrition for your body type. In the article, Longevity Warning! A Possible Missing Link for Achieving the Elusive Centenarian Status, Dr. Graeme Shaw MD explains how Eastern Medicine philosophies approach nutrition and diet.


Ten Tips for Healthy Eating

You may have heard that the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently revamped the food pyramid. The new plate-shaped chart is meant to be a healthier, more well-rounded version of its predecessor. But it can still be difficult to figure out what are really the healthiest foods for us to eat. The Harvard School of Public Health breaks it down in their ten nutrition tips for eating right:Food Groups

  • Choose whole grains (brown rice, bulgur, wheat berries)
  • Opt for healthier proteins (fish, beans)
  • It's OK to eat healthy fats in moderation (avocado, nuts, olive oil)
  • Eat a diet rich in fiber (whole grains, vegetables, fruits)
  • Eat veggies and fruits in a rainbow of colors
  • Calcium is important, but milk isn't the only – or best – source
  • Skip sugary drinks and quench your thirst with water instead
  • Limit salt intake;  processed foods typically have too much sodium
  • Always weigh the benefits and risks of alcohol consumption
  • Use a daily multivitamin as a "nutrition insurance policy"


Weekday Dinner Ideas

Family DinnerDuring your busy workweek, it's easier to head to the drive-thru or use prepackaged meals than make an evening meal from scratch. But healthy weeknight dinners don't have to be complicated, especially if you prepare your ingredients on Sundays. Here are some recipes to get you started:


More Alternatives to Junk Food

Woman Eating FruitNeed something to grab and go? Opt for snacks like a handful of walnuts or almonds, oatmeal, carrots, celery, or an apple instead of a sugary granola bar; or try some cherry tomatoes to pack a flavorful punch. If you have a sweet tooth, try snacking on a few dried Medjool dates. In fact, one food writer raves about dates' dessert-like qualities: "Bite into one, and your teeth sink into satisfyingly sticky flesh that tastes of rich caramel, hints of wild honey and a touch of cinnamon…." Sounds delicious! Here are some other alternatives to junk food:


Eastern Medicine Philosophies use Herbs to Support the Health & Longevity of the Body! *

The Mind & Body Health Kit
The Mind Body Health KitThe Mind and Body Health Kit includes three Get Well Natural products designed to support the body's natural functions for energy, longevity, vitality and overall health. When taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, these products may help the body's innate ability to remain disease-free and balanced*
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Cardio WellCardio Well supports proper heart-pumping function, healthy blood flow and cholesterol levels, and normal artery and capillary integrity. The doctors and herbalists who developed Cardio Well believe that a balanced and healthy functioning heart may better support the body's ability to lower the risk associated with certain heart diseases.*
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