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Herbal Supplements

An Introduction to Herbal Supplements

So what are herbal supplements anyway? Why does anyone use them? Chinese herbs? What are they? Below is a short article introducing you to herbal supplements in the Eastern Medicine tradition.*

You'll learn what they are, what they are used for, and who uses them. (Under the herb image below are shortcuts that will skip to each section of the article.)*

This short primer will answer some of the more common questions about herbal supplements & formulas for you.*

Lian Zi Flower

1. What Are Herbal supplements?* 2. Supplements versus Formulas*
3. Why Use Them?* 4. Health Support Isn't Treatment*
5. Who Uses Herbal Supplements? 6. How to Use Them?
7. When to Use Them? 8. Where To Buy?
9. The Best?  


What Are Herbal Supplements? *

Dietary herbal supplements are natural food based health supplements, that contain herbs or herbal ingredients, designed to support health.*

Herbal supplements often come in single-herb extract form, or in a mixture of herbs in combinations that are considered herbal formulas.*

When herbal formulas are based on the synergistic Eastern Medicine philosophy, discovered and practiced over many millenia, they are believed by practitioners to be superior to single-herb or arbitrarily combined herbs.*

These superior dietary herbal formulas, when used in modern herbal supplements, are believed by many alternative medicine practitioners to offer improved synergistic health supporting properties.*

For thousands of years, Eastern herbal formula based supplements have been successfully used in almost every culture and country around the world. The main reason that herbal supplements are so widely used throughout the ages, is for the simple truth: they work!*



Herbal Supplements versus Herbal Formulas

Some herbal supplements are simply extracts or preparations of a single herb. Some are more complex formulas based on contemporary research or traditional Eastern Medicine herbal practices. Either type can vary widely in formulation and potency.*

Most Eastern Medicine trained Doctors find that the healing and balancing power of herbal supplements, lies in the synergistic herbal formulas based on using Eastern Medicine philosophies. These philosophies are holistic, meaning looking at the "big picture" of overall health, and as such are based on restoring balance to the body and organs involved, so the body can heal itself.*

For that reason, synergistic formulas are considered by practitioners to be superior to single-herb supplements, or combinations that are not based on the holistic Eastern Medicine philosophies practiced for ages.*



Why Use Eastern Medicine Based Herbal Supplements? *

As mentioned above, many practitioners, especially in Eastern Medicine, believe that dietary supplementation with Chinese, Vietnamese and other herbs can help support a healthy body.*

Nowadays, recommending the use of herbal supplements as a daily dietary supplement is more or less mainstream in alternative and complementary medicine practices.*

The good news for individuals, is that Eastern Medicine philosophies and treatments offer time-proven solutions to health & longevity, because of its unique ability to restore proper balance and harmony inside the body organs and energy systems.*



Herbal Health Support Is Not "Treating" Disease*

It is important to note, that while Eastern Medicine doctors believe that imbalance in the body can cause disease, they also believe that when proper balance is present, the body can heal itself from most all chronic diseases as well as maintain good health throughout one's life. So in their view, one is not "treating" a disease, but simply restoring balance to the body.*

Most doctors today will admit that our modern world can make it difficult for their patients to maintain a healthy balance without herbal supplement support. This is mainly due to things like high stress, improper diet, lack of exercise and pollution, causing a disruption in the balance of the body. This simple fact makes herbal supplements an even more important part of any person's daily health program.*

Eastern Medicine philosophies believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself, and this ability to heal naturally on its own is a major advantage. Utilizing Eastern Medicine techniques to achieve balance holistically, versus relying on Western Medicine's symptom-only treatments, that often include pharmaceutical drug therapies with harmful side effects, can produce remarkable results according to them.*

Common techniques employed by Eastern Medicine practitioners to support their patients' body will often include the use of herbal supplements, but can also include positive lifestyle changes or stress reduction as well.*



Who Uses Herbal Supplements? *

As is to be expected, herbal supplements have become part of a healthy diet for those interested in health, longevity and open to alternative and holistic approaches to health, including nutritional approaches. Why is this? Like Eastern Medicine and other herbal practitioners, many herbal supplement users believe their health derives benefits from nutritional supplement use.*

The interesting thing about nutritional dietary supplements, including dietary herbal supplements and herbs, is that these "supplements" are really just part of a healthy diet. They are considered "food" with known and demonstrated potential healthy characteristics, that "supplement" a healthy diet. What they are not is an artificial chemical drug or "treatment".*

This contrasts with conventional medicine approaches to health where the thinking is still largely a matter of "treating" symptoms. The modern medicine approach all too often looks at biology as individual separate processes failing to note the interrelationships of biological systems, according to practitioners.*

Even regarding diet, conventional thinking assumes that all foods are created equal and "regular" diet and exercise is a sufficient approach to a healthy lifestyle. That is changing however. More and more conventional practitioners are recognizing the value of dietary nutritional supplements.*



How to Use Herbal Supplements? *

The best herbal supplements are developed based on years of experience and research. Therefore, every herbal supplement is different.*

Usually taking supplements involves dosages and frequencies determined and recommended by the developer of the supplement to best achieve the desired goals. So "how" to use them generally means to simply follow the instructions! However, symbiotic feedback from one's own body can be invaluable to determine use, according to practitioners.*

All herbal supplements will generally differ in application and use.*



When to Use? *

This is the sixty-four thousand dollar question, and of course a very personal one. How you personally approach supporting vibrant health is subjective, though we all can agree that when we feel bad or "under the weather" anything that can possibly help is worth trying at that point.*

If you have a "preventative health" approach, including a healthy diet and lifestyle, then dietary herbal health supplements can fit perfectly into your health regimen.*

The old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" doesn't necessarily apply to dietary health supplements.*

According to practitioners, the objective should be to support one's ability to stay healthy, therefore just being sick is not the only prerequisite for taking herbal supplements. The approach of Eastern Medicine based herbal supplements, is to support and maintain the body, organ and energetic balance, in order to achieve the elusive "life-long good health".*

That being said, Eastern Medicine practitioners have used herbs and herbal formulas for thousands of years to address specific health imbalances too. For equally as long, these practitioners have demonstrated their success and effectiveness.*

The bottom line is personal research, education and understanding. There are a literally thousands of herbal formulas and supplements out there, with thousands of health support claims, so becoming an educated consumer is the first step in achieving and sustaining your desired level of health.*



Where To Buy? *

You've Found Us!

Today, you can buy herbal supplements in most grocery stores, and of course you can buy herbal supplements online too.*

But, with so many to choose from, consumers must be very careful in selecting specific products since the last thing anyone wants is to waste their time and money on ineffective products, or ones that cause imbalance in the body.*

And your satisfaction with the results is of the utmost importance. Always look for herbal products with an ironclad satisfaction guarantee, and keep in mind that dietary approaches to health are believed to require a long term commitment.*



The Best Herbal Supplements?*

So what are the "best" herbal supplements? Of course we like to think of Get Well Natural's herbal supplements as among the best, however, as you can imagine, that is a personal judgment call that is very subjective. But results speak for themselves. Click for Testimonials*

The best herbal supplements should be created by doctors and master herbalists who have a complete understanding of the connection between western and eastern medicine principles.*

In Eastern Medicine, each disease correlates to a very specific imbalance in the body. And very specific herbs are combined to address these imbalances.*

The best herbal supplements have a proven history of extensive use, and testimonials from actual users of the supplements.*

As always, research your herbal supplement options and needs and consult your health support practitioner.*

Many believe that the best herbal supplements are proven by Eastern Medicine practitioners over millenia of successful use. Get Well Natural herbal supplements are just that.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. TCM is an acronym for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

**The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only, not intended to replace your doctor's or other health care professional's advice or treatment. Nor is any information contained on or in any product label or packaging intended to provide or replace professional health care advice. Do not use the this site's information for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem, nor for prescription of any treatment or medication. Always consult with a healthcare professional before undertaking any diet, exercise, herbal or other supplementation program, taking any medications, or if you suspect you may have or already have any type of health problem. Do not stop taking any medication without first consulting your doctor.