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Hay Fever

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What is Hay Fever?

Hay fever is a very common condition. Hayfever is caused by an allergy to pollen or sometimes mould spores.

With hay fever, the body's immune system over reacts to the presence of external substances, as if they were something toxic. This results in irritation and inflammation. Hayfever often runs in families, and is also related to asthma and eczema.

Finding a family with some members with asthma, some with hayfever, and some with eczema is quite common.

Any individual might have more than one of these conditions.

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Why is Hay Fever Seasonal?

Each spring, summer, and fall, trees, weeds and grasses release tiny pollen grains into the air. Some of the pollen ends up in your nose and throat. This can trigger a type of allergy called hay fever.

HayFever Symptoms

The symptoms vary from person to person and often involve sneezing, runny/blocked nose, red, watery, and itchy eyes, and an associated itchy throat. Very often there is also a wheezy chest, which really suggests a degree of asthma.

Symptoms can include:

  • Coughing and postnasal drip
  • Itching eyes, nose and throat
  • Sneezing, often with a runny or clogged nose
  • Dark circles under the eyes

Hayfever Treatment

Allergy shots can help make you less sensitive to pollen and provide long-term relief. Taking medicines, using nasal sprays and rinsing out your nose can relieve symptoms.


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