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What We Do to Protect Ourselves from Viral Infections?

What We Do to Protect Ourselves from Viral Infections?

Posted by Get Well Natural LLC on Mar 23rd 2020

This is a question that customers often ask.

Please do not get overwhelmed with the information below since we are not recommending that people do all the things we listed below, but rather we are simply describing what actions we take for ourselves and our family. 

We’ve all heard the common ways to protect yourself from the new virus such as washing hands before touching anywhere on our face, disinfecting surfaces and social distancing.

Here are additional methods that we use to protect our bodies from viral infections:

1) Get adequate amounts of consistent sleep of at least 7-8 hours per night and try and go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
2) Eating a diet low in sugary foods and beverages, gluten, trans fats, alcohol, processed foods and of course, unhealthy fast foods. With so much sugar in beverages, during times of infection, we try and remove all beverages with natural and artificial sweeteners including sweetened coffee, tea, juice, sodas and mostly drink properly filtered water.We continue drinking primarily water until the virus is no longer a threat in our area and/or once we have completely healed from the viral concern.

3) Water: Drinking small amounts of water every 15 minutes can be helpful to maintain moisture in the mouth and throat thus lessening our chance of viruses infecting these areas. 

4) Emotions: during times of viral infections, we try to lower or eliminate the emotion of worry or anxiety attached to the virus. While worry/anxiety generally do not improve the health of the body, Eastern Medicine teaches that these negative emotions can create imbalance in the body leading to decreased overall health. For example, it is well known in TCM that worry or anxiety can negatively affect the spleen energy which can alter digestion and other health functions in the body. 

5) Supplementation that supports a balanced and efficient immune system with products such as:
a)Sovereign Silver or other high quality sub nano silver product (at least 1 serving, twice per day but we can take up to 7 servings per day for maximum immune support)
b)Glutathione Lipoceutical (one teaspoon on an empty stomach each morning)
c)Immune Support Plus (3 Capsules, twice per day and up to 5 capsules 5 servings per day for maximum support)
d)Not So Well 1 (3 Capsules, twice per day)
e)Vitamins/Minerals/Probiotics:For active infection concerns, our bodies may need extra nutrition during that time. Some of our favorites include taking extra natural forms of vitamins A, E, D, C, zinc and probiotics. We find that liposomal, micellized and powder forms of these vitamins are better absorbed and utilized by the body.For Vitamin C we prefer dosages between 1000-3000mg. per day for our personal use.Other antioxidants that we personally use include R-lipoic acid, L-carnitine, CoEnzyme Q10, and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine).

6)  Fresh Air is Important.Many people breathe old and stagnant air in their home since they rarely ever open their windows up and allow for a sufficient exchange of their old air for new. We believe old air to be more toxic and contain less oxygen than fresh air and is why we believe that bringing fresh air frequently into our home is important for a healthy immune system, lungs, energy and our air quality. 

7) Additional options based on specific support needs:
a) Morinda Extract: 3 capsules twice per day especially if we have a concern with sinus health.
b) Breathe Well: 3 capsules twice per day if we have a concern with respiratory/lung health.
c) For respiratory/lung concerns, we can also use a nebulizer that contains distilled water and a few drops of nano silver. 
d)24/7 Basic Stirwand:If we had any breathing/lung/low oxygen issues, the Stirwand can be used.The Basic Stirwand has been proven in research to increase oxygen in the blood as well as hydration. This is important for conditions that may be worsened from oxygen or hydration deficiencies. 
e)For respiratory/lung/stress/blood pressure concerns, we like deep breathing exercises throughout the day (fresh air is better).An example of a breathing exercise we like involves taking a deep breath through our nose while our diaphragm rises up and our abdomen is sucked in. We take 6 seconds to slowly inhale, hold for a count of 6 seconds and then exhale out our mouth for a count of 8 seconds. While exhaling, our abdomen expands.This is repeated 8 times. 


The coronavirus infection, officially called COVID-19 or SAR-CoV-2, that originated in Wuhan, China a few months ago arrived slowly on our shores but now expanding more rapidly. Although the symptoms can mimic the common flu, COVID-19 is more contagious and the mortality rate is 2-4%. So far there is no known effective treatment for it other than prevention and supportive care. There is no anti-viral medications or vaccines so far. The availability of these treatments remains months or years in the future. Studies have shown that antibiotics, interferon and corticosteroids offer no benefit for hospitalized patients.

China’s news agency, the People’s Republic of China, reported that health authorities are calling for the coordination between Western Medicine and the use of TCM, also known as traditional Chinese medicine. Their goal is to prevent and treat the coronavirus using the best of Western and Eastern Medicines.We hope TCM practitioners will soon identify and agree upon, a blend of herbs that will work for the masses. 

Most of us have heard the standard recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus such as the following—wash your hands, avoid sick patients and large crowds, avoid handshakes, don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands, stay home when you are sick, cough or sneeze into tissues or your elbow and clean/disinfect counters and objects.

Despite these measures the prospect of a foreign contagion spreading through our neighborhoods with no known treatment can be very intimidating. Rather than responding with apprehension, it can be instructive and empowering to examine what this virus does to our bodies and what we can do to support our health if we should be exposed to it. Also to be answered is the question why some patients experience no or minor symptoms with the infection while other patients have fatal outcomes?

There appears to be two aspects to the disease that the virus causes in our bodies. The first is that the virus causes oxidative stress, producing breakdown products of oxygen including superoxide radical, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical, which are referred collectively as reactive oxygen species (ROS). These unstable radicals cause damage to various molecules in the body such as fats (lipid peroxidation and cell membrane damage), DNA (genetic malformations) and proteins (enzyme damage). Oxidative stress is an important cause of chronic illnesses and may also be involved in the aging process. 

In acute viral induced oxidative stress, this process is accelerated and may overwhelm the innate ROS detoxification system causing both cell and organ damage and failure. Additionally, virus infections stimulate the release of cytokines, immune mediators that normally stimulate our immune system. Unfortunately, at higher levels these same cytokines, in what is sometimes called ‘cytokine storm’, may cause increased inflammation in the tissues. The dual effect of oxidative stress and inflammation may overwhelm the ability of various organs to function correctly. The main target of the COVID-19 virus is the lungs, but the heart, liver and kidney can also suffer and fail in fulminant illnesses. In many cases, the oxidative stress and inflammation in tissues may cause more harm than the virus itself.


The key bodily response to this oxidative stress is our immune system and our antioxidant system. Antioxidants are like sponges that sop up oxidative radicals in the body.

Unfortunately, in chronically ill patients, their levels of antioxidants like vitamin C, glutathione and others may be low to start with and these are the patients most vulnerable to an acute viral illness. How can we support these vital antioxidant stores? As always the diet is very important in supporting our protective nutrient levels. Diets with low antioxidant levels may include fast and junk food, processed foods, trans fats, sugar, etc. 

The foods with the highest antioxidant levels, with organic options as a priority include:

· Dark chocolate
· Nuts - especially pecans
· Vegetables - spinach, beets, broccoli, kale, artichoke
· Fruits - apples, purple, red grapes, oranges, plum, red apples, sweet cherries
· Berries - raspberry, blueberries, strawberry, goji berries 

For those who prefer to get their antioxidants in a nutraceutical form, some of the best antioxidants may be vitamin C and glutathione. The most absorbable form of vitamin C is either powder or liposomal. Doses generally range from 1000 - 3000 mg. per day but can be higher if needed.

Glutathione, a tripeptide containing the amino acids glycine, cysteine and glutamine, is a very valuable antioxidant that supports our antioxidant defenses, reduces inflammation and strengthens our immune system. While very beneficial, glutathione may not be absorbed well in its natural form and is much better absorbed as a liposomal product. The doses generally range from 100 to 1200 mg. per day. For people who are critically ill, both these antioxidants can be delivered at doctors’ offices via an intravenous route. Some additional protective antioxidants are lipoic acid, L-carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, tocopherol (vitamin E), zinc, vitamin A, probiotics and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine). 

One additional supportive measure for the body relates to the balance of our nervous and immune system. The autonomic nervous system has two pisions, the sympathetic nervous system controls our ‘fight or flight’ response to acute injuries or illnesses. The opposite is the parasympathetic nervous system known as the ‘feed and breed’ or ‘rest and digest’ system. This is the restorative system. The downside of sustained stress and sympathetic dominance (or overload) is that this persistent response can decrease the cells’ ability to import nutrients and excrete toxins. Ultimately, the major downside of a sustained sympathetic response is the lowering of the immune function. This is why methods such as rest, meditation and adequate sleep can be quite helpful.

In conclusion, we want to wish you and your family all the very best in health and happiness.We hope you are prepared and not scared.We hope you will focus on the positives of this situation and attract those positives into your life. There are way more people recovering from this disease than dying.A focus on health and recovery from this virus is one we choose to align our thoughts with.

As always, please consult with your personal physician or care provider for the recommendations that specifically supports your own health and situation. Above all else, remember to avoid anxiety and worry, and take action to be prepared.

We wish you good health and balance,

Get Well Natural, LLC

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P. S. If you haven't grabbed your copy of Dr. Shaw's Top Ten List of supplements, or you are on another device, here's the link again: Click for Dr. Shaw's Top Ten..

P. P. S. Eastern Medicine practitioners have long used herbs, nutrition and natural supplementation to successfully support health. In modern times, a growing body of scientific evidence is also backing the value that natural substances may provide.

As always, remember there is a wealth of information from books, online sources and from properly educated healthcare practitioners that may provide further guidance to best support your situation. Always educate yourself and consult with your doctor or practitioner when needed!

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